Bernie the Peter Pan Man and Pinocchio

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube


Even though Bernie Sanders refuses to talk about his parents, he did say they fought a lot about money. “The lack of money caused stress in my family and fights between my mother and father. That is a reality I have never forgotten: today, there are many millions of families who are living under the circumstances that we lived under.” His homemaker mother died in her forties, a second heart surgery for a rheumatic heart was unsuccessful. She never got the home she wanted. His father was a paint salesman, employment  that only maintained a lower-middle-income status and small rent-controlled apartment. Bernie resented it all. Summers when he could go upstate to Boy Scout camp left him crying on the bus ride back to a place he hated, Brooklyn, and the angry household. His essays are full of Bernie angst and anger, snippets peeking between the doom and gloom from his childhood unhappiness into young adulthood.

Bernie Sanders always wanted fame and whether he admits it or not, wealth. He wanted to be a writer, but did poorly in English switching his college major to political science graduating with a BA in 1964 and grades he doesn’t want to publish. In his essays he’s the complainer, blaming the “bitch” teacher for the little boy’s unhappiness because he wanted to “be doing other things”, the young man who suffers physical damage and anguish because the college won’t let him have sex in dorm rooms. As a disciple of Wilhelm Reich, psychoanalyst and creator of the Orgone Accumulator, (also called the Orgone Box) which purportedly channeled sexual energy to cure cancer, death by cancer was inextricably linked to a lack of sex and orgasms in Bernie’s “scientific mind”, a belief he still has. (Reich died in prison, mentally incompetent, convinced the rich “Rockerfellows” had a conspiracy against him. He was put there by the FDA for selling fake cures for cancer). To Bernie, the college was clearly trying to kill young people or at minimum doom them to the possibility of cancer, which meant he needed to write much more on the subject of sexuality to educate the world about their deadly sexual inhibitions.

Sex and the Single Girl — Part Two — College Manifesto (2323 words) (sexual content)

The Revolution Is Life Versus Death (sexual content)

Man and Woman (sexual content)

Cancer, Disease and Society (sexual content)

Reflections on a Dying Society

Admittedly a poor student with a troubled history in school from elementary to college, he never valued education. It was something to get through to become an adult complainer and by then, 9-5 jobs oppressed and depressed him and threatened the sanity of us all, in his opinion. In college, his accent was said to be so strong it was difficult to understand him, “his accent now is 2% of what it was then,” It has become an asset and trademark of his famed shouting speeches.  Rules were bad, bad, bad. Sure they had some value, he noted, but not enough to endure them, and compulsory education was another evil, meant to socially control and inhibit both children and parents.

In congress he does what he has to do, enjoying the prestige of committee assignments handed him in a deal with Democrats (although wife Jane takes credit for writing his legislation) but any chance to complain on-camera is his real reason to get up every morning. He even published his “filibuster” that wasn’t an actual filibuster (symbolic since the deal was done) as a book, “The Speech”. His colleagues say he is loud, holier-than-thou and believes he’s the smartest man in the room with a penchant for alienating his natural allies. He has very few friends in the halls of congress, it must sometimes seem as if he’s back in the stacks in the college basement.

As mayor he would call press conferences (all filmed) to complain about the latest New York Times article, or preach incessantly about heroic dictators like Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Fidel Castro in Cuba and the success of breadlines and free housing he admired around the world. Everyplace on the planet was better than America, mainly because America made the world so horribly miserable with its imperialism. But in Socialist Burlington, the only place in America where people knew how to really live and who to blame, Bernie was the “foreign minister of Burlington”, the “red mayor of Green Mountain”. Political life has allowed him to travel, TV appearances, speeches at whatever cause will have him, even if it’s foreign travel to promote socialism in socialist countries, again preaching to the choir. He traveled to Cuba, Nicaragua, USSR making sure media was there to greet him on his return, then used his position as mayor to call even more meetings to publicize his travels.

He tried to launch a couple of TV shows, so he could “educate” people on what he saw as the purity of his worldview. He appeared in a low-budget film acting out a rabbi parody that mirrored his brother Larry’s conversion to socialism (because the Dodgers team was sold and the wealthy owners caused so much unhappiness) sounding very much as crazy as he does now, with his billionaire rants. He tried documentary film making, choosing socialist activist Eugene Debs, another hero sent to prison. When it wasn’t a roaring success, he began blaming media as corrupt, demanding the government fund shows like his. This led to blaming evil corporations holding him down. Of course, they were owned by evil millionaires, all part of the stream of consciousness that is Bernie Sanders, presidential candidate. Whatever your problem is in the world, there are American billionaires at fault, according to Bernie. Even though he is rated as having the second highest media coverage (Trump is first) during the 2016 campaign, it is not enough and he complains media is out to get him, despite his favorable coverage. There’s always a conspiracy. When he loses a primary, it’s not the will of the voters, it’s a conspiracy.

How did Bernie Sanders ever get elected? Simple. Bernie was part of a herd of 35,000 big-city hippies, radicals, political idealists and leftists descending on Vermont during the 60’s-70’s in a back to nature migration (Vermont’s governor at the time even announced he did not invite them) when he moved to Vermont in 1967. They blended with rural Vermonters and Bernie found his niche. There he could preach to the choir without resistance, eventually building small Burlington into what he called “uniquely different”, since it was “America’s first and only socialist city”.

He had his inflated University of Chicago civil rights background and 1969 essays to prove his loyalty to a very long list of causes and complaints, and the Vermont Freeman alternative news soon became his mouthpiece. He was proselytizing to people who had fled the social upheaval across college campuses and the streets of America, keeping them in the loop, making them feel as if they were still part of the revolution from the enclave, although they were in reality society’s dropouts, like Bernie.

Once he realized he could get attention  blaming millionaires for all the world’s suffering and his personal failings (later upgraded to billionaires) he never stopped. His 60’s travel adventures to Israel, had him volunteering for Labor Zionists at an Stalinist kibbutz, “oldest kibbutzim.”  with an oppressive Socialist-Zionist history toward Palestinians and enjoying, not the field labor of growing vegetables, but the oversight and “planning”. This controversial location was kept secret by a rabbi friend in Vermont and Bernie (they just couldn’t remember), until Israeli journalists tracked it down. Brother Larry said he introduced Bernie to socialism early and the kibbutz showed him “you didn’t need big bosses, you didn’t need massive wealth” to live a decent life. Socialism was something “that could work.” He was also impressed that it required almost no skill, money or education.

Loving the sound of his own voice would later get him kicked out of a Vermont commune for all talk, no action. His future constituency  was all about communes, co-ops, counterculture, anti-Imperialist  America, welfare, food stamps, unemployment and dropping out. Soon Bernie’s fortuitous hook-up with the Liberty Union Party would launch his real political climb. There would be many failures, but eventually, by name recognition and constant self-promotion, he got there.

Bernie always wanted to be the leader, although now he claims he “isn’t into being a leader” as he runs for president.  No, Bernie is the bully claiming to be the victim, reinforcing victimhood among his followers, standing as their king of bluster, pointing the finger to damn everyone else. Meanwhile, he has become a millionaire himself with multiple homes paid for, but that was not his fault, either. His wife handles the finances and taxes (excuse after excuse  for not releasing them to the public), his campaign manager makes decisions and mishandles the 639 FEC violations, someone else handles his Senate Financial Disclosures, which may or may not match the income taxes, and his favorite slithery quotes, “You never heard me say that”, or after years of boosting Nicaragua, Cuba, USSR, he’ll say, “I’m not an expert on ______ (insert country here)”. Statements made during the campaign by Bernie and his handlers have earned a disrespectable stack of “Pinocchios” by media and dozens of blogs, but it’s Bernie’s “integrity” we should admire.

Along the way he became the establishment politician, latching onto Liberty Union, Rainbow Coalition, Democratic Socialists of America and Democrats, because the latter had the real money to back him. He has crushed them under his loafers since, discarding all of them except to mention his past association when it benefits his stance on something. He shakes hands with Jesse Jackson in a photo-op, therefore he supports civil rights. “I took a bus to DC” and his followers assume he was with Martin Luther King, Jr. . The only evidence of a bus trip to DC was to attend a nuclear proliferation protest.

Half-Assed Extremist

In many ways Bernie Sanders seemed to be sleep walking through the sixties and seventies, self involved, wanting to lead, never follow, but unwilling to put in the time or effort for real social change. It only took a very brief arrest and a $25 fine to end protesting for him, until now with photo-ops and assurances of no arrests. He doesn’t treat protesters kindly when it goes against his policies or plans, either.

Bernie wanted to be published, his voice heard above all others, proclaiming himself the smartest guy in the room. He was a dabbler in counterculture and social change, preferring his own company, alone in the university basement he describes as, “in the stacks”, reading Marx, Trotsky, Freud and his sexuality and anti-cancer hero, Wilhelm Reich.  He said he read everything except his course work resulting in his status as a “poor student”. Just a list of newsworthy social events, causes and shifts, riots, upheaval, deaths and protests of the 60’s would take several pages, but not even the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, would warrant Bernie’s interest.

He is a lifelong angry, faux-radical in search of a cause that wasn’t “owned” by other groups, politicians or authors. Never a Democrat, he dances in and out of the party using its resources and establishment power to propel his own career and wealth building…yes, wealth building. The man’s net worth in the U.S. top 3.5 % income bracket is not a slow climb compared to the low-income and middle-class people he claims to advocate for, including owning multiple real estate “rentals” rented at market prices, not to benefit those low-income voters he courts. He never mentions he’s still paid by taxpayers for nearly two-years of non-work, and when Bernie shows up to vote, it’s usually some bizarre purity effort that requires him to vote against the good of the people.

Bernie Sanders is a megalomaniac, hawking fake social cures and revolutions to honor himself, to secure his place in history. The ultimate coup would be turning America into a communist nation with a socialist economy, otherwise he remains a footnote in history as an establishment politician that lost another election with an unremarkable house and senate history.  As the campaign wanes, his rage is growing.

His silence and smirking approval as his followers become more desperate and violent, throwing chairs, screaming threats  at the Nevada Convention, bullying Hillary supporters entering events, disrupting a Trump rally and now threatening violence at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia is Bernie’s style. Later he will say it wasn’t his fault. He’ll blame the anger of the people he has incited for over a year, but it won’t be Bernie’s fault. Nothing is ever, ever Bernie’s fault.


Bernie Sanders’ Infamous Rape Essay

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Let’s get to the point on Bernie’s 1972 rape essay, it mirrors popular male fantasies in pornography. The essay proposes rape is a measure of oppression-submission, mainly for the female, who in this instance wants it. He was 30 when he wrote it, although he likes to shout the dismissal, “it was 43 years ago!” The MLK march he likes to tout his (unconfirmed) participation in was 48 years ago, but it’s still valid to his followers, as is his protest arrest in 1962, 54 years ago. Not once has he said he changed his views, focusing on basic themes for his defense:

  • It was satire.
  • It was poorly written.
  • It questioned why some men like to dominate, other women like to be submissive.
  • It was written 43 years ago.
  • It explored gender roles.

His regrets are reserved for writing and getting it published, not its content or choice of words. Sanders blames culturalization, but themes of male domination and female suppression and rape are as old as history. If you want to go back historically, who doesn’t know that rape is a common theme in Roman and Greek mythology along with passages in the Bible, one comparing conquering a city to raping a woman. He is a college educated man, surely he read books other than Karl Marx’ works once in awhile. The culture Bernie is talking about is created by ancient attitudes and perpetuated by the porn industry and sexual abusers dominated by men hoping women have such fantasies so men are morally off the hook. What you don’t find in mythology are women dreaming of the wonderful day they’re gang raped.

“All mainstream porn—and certainly the Internet—made routine use of all available female orifices.” Naomi Wolf.  

According to Bernie’s allies in the senate, it’s always about how much smarter he is than everyone else. “It was along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey, ” Sanders adds in his defense, apparently ignorant of film critics who panned the film as perpetuating rape culture. His repetitious plea that it was “poorly written” is more shadowy obfuscation of the obvious. Had it been well-written would he post it on his campaign site?

In just  “a poorly written article on gender roles in society” the woman would not have been relegated to  fantasizing about three men raping her. “Women, for their own preservation, are trying to pull themselves together. And it’s necessary for all of humanity that they do so.”  he writes.  As if it’s up to women to change male dominance. The argument that takes place in the essay is the wounded man, needy, whiny, petty, insecure, accusing  the man-hating woman of lying about loving him, which Bernie confirms she did. There you go, she’s obviously a bitch.  She’s fed up and leaves him. He gets the last word, “You’re full of sh*t.”  Somehow, we’re supposed to believe this is flattering to women, women’s rights and Bernie is just a misunderstood old feminist.

Any person can be oppressive or submissive in a variety of ways without rape being the go-to fantasy escape. Rape is intended to demean, humiliate, subjugate more than pleasure of the sexual act itself and Bernie sets up the ‘submissive’ woman to fantasize about having herself raped, by not one, but three men! Was he trying to say submissive women can’t freely enjoy sexual fantasies without resorting  to being brutalized or was he trying to say this is what the man wanted her to want? On one hand, oppression of the woman somehow fools her into dreams of being gang raped, while on the other, she’s not so oppressed that she stays with the man when she feels he’s too controlling. Go figure, she must be some erotic hot mess. He can say it was just one poorly chosen way to express gender roles, which in my view is a fantasy in itself. Bernie failed at writing porn, but expects women to believe he was somehow doing them a favor. There are so many bad sexist jokes in all of this it could set women back to 1950.

Preceding this essay, in college, Bernie fought to change dorm rules so students could spend time together, including having sex in their rooms. It failed after a protracted student-admin battle (not all agreed) basically over safety issues for female students. He privately studied biology, claiming this gave him insight into human sexuality and women. Along with this essay, he had written a somewhat angry article, Cancer, Disease and Society by Bernard Sanders Dec 19-22 1969 Vermont Freeman, that determined repressed sexuality of teen girls led to cancer. Bernie decides mothers can give their daughters cancer by “oppressing” sexual activity and sounds like a man pining for his teen crush after her mother drove him away:

“How much guilt, nervousness have you imbued in your daughter with regard to sex? If she is 16, 3 years beyond puberty and the time which nature set forth for child bearing, and spent a night out with her boyfriend, what is your reaction? Do you take her to a psychiatrist because she is “maladjusted”, or a “prostitute”, or are you happy that she has found someone with whom she can share love? Are you concerned about HER happiness, or about your “reputation” in the community.”

In the cancer article he’s talking about young girls as,  “16, 3 years beyond puberty” and in his rape essay, it pops up again as, “your sex friend when you were 13 years old” (see transcript at bottom of page).

“The revolution comes when two strangers smile at each other, when a father refuses to send his child to school because schools destroy children, when a commune is started and people begin to trust each other, when a young man refuses to go to war, and when a girl pushes aside all that her mother has “taught” her and accepts her boyfriend’s love.”

Nice. Now that she can bear children, the boys can have a go at her, Bernie.

He also concluded lack of orgasms in women caused cervical cancer and toddlers should be allowed more nakedness to explore each other’s genitalia. He seems to still hold these views, hinting the death of a female activist from cervical cancer was linked to the oppressive stresses of war and “his personal beliefs on biological stress”.

Bernie’s personal beliefs do find their way into his writings and speeches a lot. His brother, Larry, says Bernard had trouble in school because he always thought he was smarter than the teacher. It seems personal experience is woven into this segment describing  the cancer personality: “A child has an old bitch of a teacher (and there are many of them) or perhaps he simply is not interested in school and would rather be doing other thing [sic]. He complains and rebels against the situation, which is the healthy reaction. When a person is hurt, no matter what age, he SHOULD rebel. And what happens when the child rebels against the adult world? Here he is, a little guy, complaining against a teacher who has been in the school for 47 years, or maybe against the whole school system. Who listens to him, who takes him, and his feelings seriously? Who demands that a teacher be fired “just because” she makes little kids miserable? Who demands that compulsory schooling be eliminated “just because” millions of kids don’t want to go to school?” Later on in the rant the child’s fate is sealed, “Outwardly, he becomes a “good boy”, conforming to the rules and regulations of the system. Inwardly, his spirit is broken and his soul seethes with hatred and anger which is unable to be expressed. He has learned to hold back his emotions and put on a phony facade of pleasantness. Thirty years later a doctor tells him that he has cancer.” Bernie was 28 when he wrote Cancer, Disease and Society by Bernard Sanders Dec 19-22 1969 Vermont Freeman

According to his own theories, Bernie’s loud rebellion to the political system, and as we see now, all established systems, is his personal protection against cancer. Is angry Bernie just a very fearful man exhibiting external bravado?  There isn’t a subject that Bernie cannot include into his contempt for the rich and virtually every social problem is caused by wealth, and the powers that be, of course.

Social Context of Man and Woman

The year Bernie wrote his essay, a feature-length film called Behind the Green Door starring Marilyn Chambers (previously the Ivory Soap girl in television ads), caused a major stir a few months before Deep Throat was released in late 1972, and hailed by porn aficionados as launching the “porno chic” boom”.  The plot:  A wealthy San Francisco socialite, Gloria Saunders (Chambers), is taken against her will to an elite North Beach sex club and loved “as she’s never been loved before”.  It was critiqued  to some acclaim as one of porn’s classic films by mainstream print media, but The Supreme Court’s 1973 Miller v. California ruling caused the film and others to be banned and destroyed. Without going into scene details here, there is a scene between one woman and three men, a signature scene many believe set a new standard for pornography along with the first interracial sex scene and multiple partner lesbian scenes.

Linda Boreman, star of Deep Throat, would later write biographies describing  her sexual abuserape, and forced prostitution in the porn business. In 1986 she testified before the Meese Commission saying, “Virtually every time someone watches that movie, they’re watching me being raped.”

Bernie has always kept up with news through the years, his consistent anger inspired by his favorite target, New York Times. He may have traded New York and Chicago’s mean streets for homogeneous Vermont, but he stayed in the mainstream news loop.  In his essay he mentions men’s magazines and news headlines: ” Do you know why the newspaper with the articles like “Girl 12 raped by 14 men” sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?” Obviously, Bernie was not writing about gender roles. Rape and domination was the core message of his essay, no matter how much he protests or tries to steer the reader into an imaginary grand inquisition on gender equality via human sexual dynamics and pornography.

A self-professed defender of free speech, he voted against Amber Alert declaring  it unconstitutional . What made it unconstitutional? It banned virtual child pornography, which is computer generated simulation of adult sex with children. The US Justice Dept. believed virtual child porn would incite and encourage more real-world child assaults. The Supreme Court, with Justice Scalia leading the way, deemed “virtual child porn” freedom of speech. Amber Alert passed in spite of Bernie’s purity no vote and the provision was later removed without damaging the core legislation. Bernie was technically right but terribly wrong in voting against the greater good and the safety of children.  Amber Alert has been a great benefit to society. Another provision he also opposed involved child rape by extending sentences for offenders with multiple convictions for child sexual assault. Bernie believed the sentencing  was too harsh.

Bernie’s handlers and apologists say it’s just a political smear, that Bernie voted to protect military women from rape. Let’s hope the rapist doesn’t have HIV. In Bernie Sanders, Misogynistic Bigot :

“The reality is that Sanders did go on to vote against legislation that required rapists to divulge their HIV status to their victims.  H.R. 3088, CQ Vote #505 may seem like an innocuous enough vote, but Bernie Sanders stood with the civil liberties of rapists, specifically with their right against involuntary HIV testing.  Those same accused rapists could be forced to surrender their DNA, and many states had already passed laws to require involuntary HIV testing of rapists due to the Comprehensive Crime Control Act of 1990, which spurred states to act by linking federal funding with legislation requiring HIV testing for rapists.  Then Representative Bernie Sanders was one of just 19 congressmen who voted against the legislation.” Jay Darcy, Director, Research and Messaging at Western Representation PAC

Is Bernie’s essay a non-issue with millennials? Have they really accepted his newly crafted and extremely updated political explanation that it was about gender roles in society? Many have. A look at more recent rape culture comments made by elected officials caused a visceral reaction by liberals, yet Bernie is given a pass:

  • College women should not have guns because women fearing rape may “pop a round in somebody” – Joe Salazar CO Dem State Rep
  • A woman can’t be raped by her husband. They’re living together. Sleeping in the same bed, she’s in a nightie, and so forth.” Virginia Sen. Dick Black
  • “If it’s an honest rape that individual should go immediately to the emergency room.” Ron Paul (R-TX)
  • “Ethel Waters for example was the product of forcible rape.” Mike Huccabee
  • “Rape can be a beautiful thing if it results in a child.” Delegate Brian Kurcaba (R-WV)
  • “If it’s legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.” Todd Akin (R-MI)
  • “As long as it’s inevitable, you might as well lie back and enjoy it.” Clayton Williams TX Republican
  • “The limitations…shall not apply to an abortion if the pregnancy occurred because the pregnant female was the subject of an act of forcible rape.” Text of H.R. 3 sponsored by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)

 Finally, the voice of reason entered the fray: 

President Barack Obama: “Rape is rape, and the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what types of rape we’re talking about doesn’t make sense.”

Suggested reading and millennial update on the new sexuality and pornography with an excerpt from a  timely article by Naomi Wolf.

The Porn Myth 

Pornography is addictive; the baseline gets ratcheted up. By the new millennium, a vagina—which, by the way, used to have a pretty high “exchange value,” as Marxist economists would say—wasn’t enough; it barely registered on the thrill scale. All mainstream porn—and certainly the Internet—made routine use of all available female orifices.

The porn loop is de rigueur, no longer outside the pale; starlets in tabloids boast of learning to strip from professionals; the “cool girls” go with guys to the strip clubs, and even ask for lap dances; college girls are expected to tease guys at keg parties with lesbian kisses à la Britney and Madonna.

But does all this sexual imagery in the air mean that sex has been liberated—or is it the case that the relationship between the multi-billion-dollar porn industry, compulsiveness, and sexual appetite has become like the relationship between agribusiness, processed foods, supersize portions, and obesity? If your appetite is stimulated and fed by poor-quality material, it takes more junk to fill you up. People are not closer because of porn but further apart; people are not more turned on in their daily lives but less so.

The young women who talk to me on campuses about the effect of pornography on their intimate lives speak of feeling that they can never measure up, that they can never ask for what they want; and that if they do not offer what porn offers, they cannot expect to hold a guy. The young men talk about what it is like to grow up learning about sex from porn, and how it is not helpful to them in trying to figure out how to be with a real woman. Mostly, when I ask about loneliness, a deep, sad silence descends on audiences of young men and young women alike. They know they are lonely together, even when conjoined, and that this imagery is a big part of that loneliness. What they don’t know is how to get out, how to find each other again erotically, face-to-face.

In case you’re wondering about my mention of  the film, Behind The Green Door, I had to rely on Wikipedia to refresh my memory having not seen it. It happens during a meeting with a Warner Bros record executive he offered me an unusual view of the film poster, which he had commissioned as airbrushed “art” on the interior ceiling panel of his Rolls Royce. Offer declined.:)


 Transcripts: Media Interviewing Bernie Sanders on the Man and Woman Essay.  

Meet the Press

Chuck Todd: A leaking of an essay you wrote in the 70’s for an alternative weekly, your campaign described it as satire, I’ll be honest with you Senator Sanders, it’s uncomfortable to read. The only excerpt I’m going to put up is you wrote this in February 72, it was sort of a fantasy of men and women, you said, “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously.” Uh, your campaign describes it as satire, can you explain this essay?

Bernie: Sure. Look, this is a piece of fiction that I wrote in 1972, I think. That was… 43… years… ago. It was..very.. poorly… written and if you read it what it was dealing with was gender stereotypes. Like why some men like to oppress women, why other women like to be submissive, you know, like Fifty Shades of Grey. Very poorly written 43 years ago.

At first Bernie was amused until Chuck Todd wiped the smile off his face.

Yahoo News

Katie Couric, Yahoo News: Speaking of Mother Jones, that same, uh, article contained an essay you wrote, which I know you’ve talked about on Meet the Press yesterday morning. You wrote it in 1972 called,  “Man and Woman”, and it included this line, Senator, quote, “A woman enjoys intercourse with her man as she fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously.” Now you said this was bad fiction, you compared it to Fifty Shades of Grey, but can you understand how kind of disturbing that sounds?

Bernie: Right. First of all it was a terribly written article, …forty…three years ago and I don’t know what you wrote 43 years ago, but this one was pretty bad on it. Second of all, if you read the whole article and what the article was talking about, what the article, piece of fiction is saying is we live in a culture in which, through culturalization, some men have to be dominant. And we live in a culture which takes you to Fifty Shades of Grey where some women feel comfortable being submissive. And the argument was, this is not good. That we want people to be equal and independent. That was the thrust of the article and let me also say, you’re lookin’ at a guy who has as strong a voting record on women’s rights as any member of the United States Congress. I’ve been endorsed and supported by women’s groups throughout my political career.

Couric: You wrote it when you were 30 years old.

Bernie: Yes.

Couric: Back in 1972, can you imagine if you were 30 today writing that piece? Given how really the conversation has changed so dramatically?

Bernie: Well, yes, and again, it was a terribly written article, but the essence of that article was to say that we want to live in a society, not where some men feel the need to be dominant and other women feel the need to be submissive. That was what that article was about. Poorly written, but that’s what it was meant to say.

Couric: Do you regret writing it?

Bernie: Sure I do, But by the way, it was read, it was written in the alternative Vermont newspaper…or magazine and I suspect about 14 people read it. Yes.

Couric: Now a lot more people have read that essay. (laughs)

Bernie: Now, see that? Now, here’s a word to anyone who wants to run for president of the United States. Understand…that anything that you wrote, 40 years ago, 50 years ago, a hundred years ago, it will be out there, but yeah so, of course I regret writing it. It was a terribly written article.

Bernie suddenly has trouble remembering the name of the publication.

Late Night with Seth Meyers

Seth: Now something you wrote in 1972, that you’ve described as a piece of satire that was poorly written, uh, I also would like to say that I have a lot of things I wrote poorly in college. (Sanders laughs) Uh, it was sort of about a male fantasy and uh female submission and you said that it was a bad, like a bad Fifty Shades of Grey. Now my question to you is, considering the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey books (laughter) do you regret that you did not follow that path more and not do this politics thing, you could be rolling in cash right now.

Bernie:  (shouting) No! It was bad fiction, I learned my lesson. I think I can make a good president but I write fiction pretty poorly.

Finally, someone will laugh with him about his rape essay!

Man-and-Woman,  By Bernard Sanders


*Bernie’s choice of the word “pigness” in “Man and Woman” was originally used in a study of construction workers and the industry in the 1968 publication of Working Construction: Why White Working-Class Men Put Themselves and the Labor Movement in Harm’s Way – Kris Paap

 The text of a essay written in 1972 by Bernie Sanders in Vermont Freeman, an alternative newspaper. The article is a commentary on gender roles.

“A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.

A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.

The man and woman get dressed up on Sunday — and go to Church, or maybe to their “revolutionary” political meeting.

Have you ever looked at the Stag, Man, Hero, Tough magazines on the shelf of your local bookstore? Do you know why the newspaper with the articles like “Girl 12 raped by 14 men” sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?

Women, for their own preservation, are trying to pull themselves together. And it’s necessary for all of humanity that they do so. Slavishness on one hand breeds pigness on the other hand. Pigness on one hand breeds slavishness on the other. Men and women — both are losers. Women adapt themselves to fill the needs of men, and men adapt themselves to fill the needs of women. In the beginning there were strong men who killed the animals and brought home the food — and the dependent women who cooked it. No More! Only the roles remain — waiting to be shaken off. There are no “human” oppressors. Oppressors have lost their humanity. On one hand “slavishness,” on the other hand “pigness.” Six of one, half dozen of the other. Who wins?

Many women seem to be walking a tightrope now. Their qualities of love, openness, and gentleness were too deeply enmeshed with qualities of dependency, subservience, and masochism. How do you love — without being dependent? How do you be gentle — without being subservient? How do you maintain a relationship without giving up your identity and without getting strung out? How do you reach out and give your heart to your lover, but maintain the soul which is you?

And Men. Men are in pain too. They are thinking, wondering. What is it they want from a woman? Are they at fault? Are they perpetrating this man-woman situation? Are they oppressors?

The man is bitter.

“You lied to me,” he said. (She did).

“You said that you loved me, that you wanted me, that you needed me. Those are your words.” (They are).

“But in reality,” he said, “If you ever loved me, or wanted me, or needed me (all of which I’m not certain was ever true), you also hated me. You hated me — just as you have hated every man in your entire life, but you didn’t have the guts to tell me that. You hated me before you ever saw me, even though I was not your father, or your teacher, or your sex friend when you were 13 years old, or your husband. You hated me not because of who I am, or what I was to you, but because I am a man. You did not deal with me as a person — as me. You lived a lie with me, used me and played games with me — and that’s a piggy thing to do.”

And she said, “You wanted me not as a woman, or a lover, or a friend, but as a submissive woman, or submissive friend, or submissive lover; and right now where my head is I balk at even the slightest suspicion of that kind of demand.”

And he said, “You’re full of _______.”

And they never again made love together (which they had each liked to do more than anything) or never ever saw each other one more time.”

Democrats Reject Marxist Socialist Sanders

Posted by By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

The source for these reports wishes to remain anonymous at this time.
Pt1-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Propaganda

Pt2-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society
Pt3-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Gender


The first article of the guest series, Former East German Exposes Bernie Sanders  was a quick post of the start of a three part series developed in private conversations with a source who experienced East Germany in the 1980’s at a time when Bernie Sanders was using his mayoral post in Burlington, Vermont as spokesman for regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua and in 1988, for the people of the Soviet empire, the USSR .

It was during 1985, through Volunteers for Peace, that a group from  East Germany had paid their fees to participate in “workcamps” in Burlington, doing city improvements most towns paid for via capital expenditures or local community organizations and volunteers. This strange “peace exchange”, Bernie’s tour of the unkempt or negative features of America was later used in photographic propaganda upon their return to East Germany according to the witness. Is this plausible? Yes, more than plausible, now that the world knows of the inner workings of Stasi controlled East Germany through publication of its records and archives. What is not plausible, is that East Germans would have been allowed  a “peace”  excursion to Burlington, Vermont without Stasi approval, and the likelihood that it was a covert spy and propaganda mission is so high it should be stamped “guaranteed”. Outsiders were welcomed inside the Berlin Wall, under strict conditions, but East German residents had to seek special approval from their government and secret police to travel outside the wall, except later for brief outings and then passports were held by border guards to assure returns.

“Unlike the prison camps of the Gestapo or the summary executions of the Soviet Union’s KGB, the Stasi strove for subtlety. “They offered incentives, made it clear people should cooperate, recruited informal helpers to infiltrate the entire society,” says Konrad Jarausch, a historian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “They beat people up less often, sure, but they psychologically trampled people. Which is worse depends on what you prefer.”

That finesse helped the Stasi quell dissent, but it also fostered a pervasive and justified paranoia. And it generated an almost inconceivable amount of paper, enough to fill more than 100 miles of shelves. The agency indexed and cross-referenced 5.6 million names in its central card catalog alone. Hundreds of thousands of “unofficial employees” snitched on friends, coworkers, and their own spouses, sometimes because they’d been extorted and sometimes in exchange for money, promotions, or permission to travel abroad.”

“It is believed 1 in every 63 people collaborated with the Stasi and there was at least 1 full-time Stasi agent for every citizen of the GDR. They monitored everything and were not past spying with hidden listening devices, cameras and the like. You wouldn’t know who to trust as they could be someone in your apartment building (apparently there was at least one informant in each building or factory), your green grocer, the old lady next door and even kids (around 10,000 informants were under the age of 18)! Spies were even spying on their own spies! It was real cloak and dagger stuff! They were crazy and paranoid times.” East Communism vs. the perils of the Free West!

Piecing Together the Dark Legacy of East Germany’s Secret Police describes the Stasi secret police controlled atmosphere of East Germany in the 1980’s and the ultimate release of secret documents and dossiers on nearly 6 million people.  Since the fall of the eastern bloc when borders opened on both sides in 1989, several groups have collaborated to preserve what remains of the massive archives and today a museum exists to teach the lessons of the past. What has been learned is how pervasive and widespread Stasi influence was, in USSR, Cuba and Nicaragua, the gold standards of revolution chosen and proselytized by Bernie Sanders from Burlington, Vermont. As for Cuba and Nicaragua, Stasi design was quite powerful there:

“Dissatisfied with the slow pace of support for the FSLN among other Soviet bloc countries, Mielke told Soviet KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov that he wanted to call a meeting in East Berlin to coordinate bloc support for the Sandinista secret police. Andropov agreed, and the Stasi conducted the two-day conclave starting on May 12, 1980. Participants included generals and high ranking officials from the East German Stasi, the People’s Police, the Soviet KGB, the Czechoslovakian Interior Ministry, Bulgarian foreign intelligence, and secret police officials from Cuba, who were flown to the event aboard a Stasi aircraft.”  Vladimir Putin, Operation LUCH, and Matthias Warnig: The Secret KGB-Stasi Relationship (pdf)

secretpoliceTropical Chekists: The Secret Police Legacy in Nicaragua (pdf)

A Forgetful Youth:

The push to ‘never forget’, just as with the Holocaust movement, is extremely strong in the region. Museums, tours, groups who try to piece the Stasi apparatus evidence back together by dedicating themselves to assembling and translating documents, then there are car shows from the era and a fascination that spawned a Stasi trivia tv game show, all maintain the memories of how it was in East Germany. Yet, it seems doomed to failure, just as American youth can’t find context in the Cold War, choosing to minimize communism and socialism to the importance of a twitter trend. A generation of millennials seems to have taken for granted the simple freedoms they enjoy every moment of every day as they dream of some romantic fantasy of revolution dishonestly sold to them by Bernie Sanders.

“This being Germany, there’s even a special word for it: Vergangenheitsbewältigung, or “coming to terms with the past.” It’s not self-evident — you could imagine a country deciding, communally, to recover from a totalitarian past by simply gathering all the documents and destroying them. In fact, in 1990 the German press and citizen committees were wracked by debate over whether to do just that. Many people, however, suspected that former Stasi agents and ex-informants were behind the push to forgive and forget.

By preserving and reconstructing the Stasi archives, BStU staffers say they hope to keep history from repeating itself. In November, the first children born after the fall of the wall turned 18. Evidence suggests many of them have serious gaps in their knowledge of the past. In a survey of Berlin high school students, only half agreed that the GDR was a dictatorship. Two-thirds didn’t know who built the Berlin Wall.”

Bernie Sanders’ current anti-government youth know very little about history, care very little about the importance of America’s struggle and sacrifices during the Cold War, going so far as taking sides against their own country to please Sanders and frighteningly, ready to dispose of America’s activist icons such as John Lewis, Dolores Huerta, Gloria Steinem, to name only a few,  in Sanders name. This isn’t about an egregious war like Vietnam or the Bush Doctrine in Iraq. It’s about the perception that everything about money is bad, from bankers to Wall St. to corporations. There’s inescapable irony in the fact most of this new “resistance” is messaged via cell phones and the internet without personal risk or the exhaustion of human effort in a real revolution, all safe under a cloak of anonymity and privacy.

Donald Trump is an easy target, but any voter who chooses Hillary Clinton is branded the enemy by the Bernie camp and increasingly the battle grows against the Democratic Party, in good measure because Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. As a registered and fiercely loyal Independent (his campaign claimed Vermont would not allow him to register Democrat) with his own #BernBranded version called the “Progressive Party ” he drains the resources of Democrats he adamantly and consistently has disliked for decades. Bernie Sanders has uttered not one word to discourage the animosity for “outsiders” among his following, defined as those who question or don’t agree with Bernie.

According to his speech and press conference histories, Sanders is an Independent Socialist who has had disagreements with the Rainbow Coalition, who felt he had made undemocratic decisions in a vacuum, using then discarding them, disagreements with Democratic Socialists of America and disagreements with the Democratic National Committee, all because they didn’t embrace a more radical vision catering to Bernie’s will. While he has adopted “Democratic Socialist” as a softer, misleading, but acceptable description of his unique, “Progressive Party” (not to be confused with Progressive Coalition or Caucus) he’s  far more dedicated to classic Socialism and Marxism dating back to his 60’s college days. He’s learned to rephrase Marx’ “controlling the means of production” with “government involvement in industry” to assure income equality when “the people” will have ownership in existing corporations, ordered by Bernie’s government.

His reason for associating with Democrats was for committee assignments he couldn’t get otherwise , which aligns with recent statements to Chuck Todd that his association with Democrats is for the media attention the party provides. Although he signed a contract with the DNC to help down-ticket Democrats by sharing donations, not a cent has been down-streamed via Bernie Victory Fund, the committee which is designated to fund DNC candidates.


“The University of Vermont’s library has a collection of archived papers from Sanders’ mayoral years. The documents, which include notes scribbled on the yellow legal pads that he still uses today, are contained in 50 boxes that, remarkably, have not been inspected since the senator announced his candidacy for president.

The letters he sent to the Soviet Union, China, the UK and France, urging military disarmament in conjunction with the UN’s international disarmament week, was just one example of dozens of diplomatic initiatives from Sanders, who used his perch at city hall to influence issues as diverse as apartheid in South Africa and the US invasion of Grenada.

In July 1981, the UK’s prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, was informed that Burlington was “deeply disturbed” by what Sanders said was her government’s abuse, humiliation and mistreatment of prisoners in northern Ireland. And when François Mitterrand announced a visit to the US later that year, Sanders wrote to the French president’s wife, Danielle, inviting her to his “struggling socialist municipal government” in Vermont to speak on any topic of her choosing.

President Ronald Reagan was the recipient of several Sanders letters relating to international affairs, most of which concerned Nicaragua, where the US was covertly funding a guerrilla war against the left-wing Sandinista government. In 1985, Sanders actually traveled to Nicaragua, for the sixth anniversary of the Sandinista revolution, and met the country’s president, Daniel Ortega.”

In a 1985 discussion with young EuroPeace volunteers, Sanders questioned the quiet group on what they thought of President Reagan, injecting his own opinion, “I’m not a Ronald Reagan fan.” Still reluctant to criticize the host country’s president, Sanders continued to prod on nuclear issues asking one French volunteer if he believed what President Mitterrand said. Discomfort blanketed the room. Trying to reassure the group he offered, “You have to understand that Vermont is not typically American, you have to…it’s not an average city or an average state.” This was the same “technique” Bernie said he used in the USSR in 1988, his willingness to criticize America. In a 1991 Democratic Socialists of America speech he described one German girl’s horror at homeless people eating out of garbage cans in New York. Bernie Sanders is not someone you want to give tours of American politics or daily life because he can only see the worst side of us.

Some believe, especially on the conservative side of politics, that Bernie Sanders was actively engaged with the KGB-Stasi propaganda machine supported by his record of public and private attempts to undermine President Reagan. He wasn’t fond of President Carter, either, or any president, especially Democrats. Maybe in those 50 boxes there’s something more to support that hypothesis. But collusion aside, his failure to notice the harm and horror caused by police states, something he never mentioned or appeared to notice in his years of fighting for communist revolutions, is something the world should never forget. Bernie Sanders is simply not fit for the highest office in America.




Bernie Sanders Stint at ‘Stalinist’ Kibbutz Draws Red-Baiting From Right

“Bernie Sanders wasn’t there because he liked Israel. Hashomer Hatzair did not like Israel. It ultimately wanted to destroy it.”

German Democratic Republic: Youth Movement – Communist authorities organized the East German Pioneers after World War II in the Soviet occupation zone. The East German authorities introduced the Free German Youth and the Pioneer Youth in March 1946 less than a year after the War.

Stasi Mediathek – Archive of  East German photographs and files. In German but translates well in Chrome


1985: East Germans charged with espionage  – BBC

U.S. Major Killed by Soviet Sentry : Accused of Photographing E. German Military Installation

March 25, 1985|From United Press International

“A Soviet guard shot and killed a U.S. Army major in East Germany in an incident President Reagan today called an “unwarranted tragedy.” The Soviets said the officer was “caught red-handed” photographing a Soviet military installation.

In Washington, Administration officials said the U.S. mission in Berlin filed a protest to the Soviet Union over the Sunday shooting and the Soviet Embassy in East Berlin protested the incident.

The Army identified the dead officer as Maj. Arthur Donald Nicholson Jr., 37, of West Redding, Conn.

Pentagon officials said the officer was accompanied by an unidentified sergeant who also was fired upon but not injured during the incident in Ludwigslust, 85 miles northwest of Berlin, where a number of Soviet military installations are located. The Soviets delivered the sergeant, the only American witness, to U.S. authorities today and he was debriefed.

Zone Not Restricted

Administration sources said the two men were watching military training at the time of the shooting but were not in a restricted zone. The sergeant was prevented from administering first aid to Nicholson after he was shot and the officer died an hour later, the sources said.”


Instructions for checking of returnees in the GDR

Signature: BStU , Stasi , ZKG , Nr. 2579

1985 called SED and Stasi a campaign with former DDR -Bürgern into being did in the of the Federal Republic GDR wanted to return. The Minister of State Security, Erich Mielke, informed the various departments of the Stasi about Their roles in the review of thesis returnees.

1985 called SED and Stasi a campaign with former DDR -Bürgern into being did of the Federal Republic in the GDR wanted to return. So printed party newspaper “New Germany” under the heading “About 20,000 former want to return” statements by former East German Nationals: Given unemployment and “social coldness” in the West They would prefer in the back DDR return. Had East Berlin advertised in the 50s with similar campaigns silent offensively for the supply and return migration, love especially emigrants shoulderstand now be retuned early. to this end, the numbers of persons wishing to return have been greatly exaggerated in the products and Their life paths and motives Partially Constructed.The campaign was a response to the sharply Increasing flow of people wanting to leave: 1984 had SEDleave in connection with the trillion loan from the Federal Republic leave about 30,000 people.

Erich Mielke informed in a letter different departments of his ministry on the aspect of the campaign and decreed did returnees shoulderstand be included only in “justified cases”, investigated as When They Seemed to be useful for public relations. HOWEVER, shoulderstand be rejected Those Were not prepared to adapt, particularly the opposition, who had been imprisoned for political reasons.

The document Confirms the central role of the Stasi in the resumption of returnees: The secret police checked the political reliability of persons wishing to return, Ultimately decided on participation requests, tried other emigrants by public appearances of returnee retune, watching the reactions of worth individuals to this publicity.

Index to Stasi Files:

Tarnbezeichnungen the HV A for residencies in diplomatic missions and DDR              Signature: BStU , Stasi , HV A , no. 1126, pp. 29-39

The HV A was mainly responsible for foreign espionage, which they partly through so-called residencies in diplomatic missions DDR contributed. The residencies were held in the files generally only under Tarnbezeichnungen.

The Main Intelligence ( HV A ) was part of the Stasi , the mainly engaged in foreign espionage. Part of this work steered the HV A , like other intelligence agencies also, through so-called residencies in thediplomatic missions of the GDR . This was to a group of employees of the HV A , going about under a legend officially innocuous message tasks, but unofficially acted as agent. The individual residencies were in the documents with Tarnbezeichnungen encrypted, including the Stasi were -Ländernummern for locations.

This list contains a list of diplomatic missions of the GDR with the countries numbers of Stasi . Where it is true, there are also the different countries of the department numbers 26 and Land codes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MFAA ). In addition, the list contains the respective there Tarnbezeichnung, those messages in which there was a Residentur. It is noteworthy that there was in “fraternal socialist countries” usually no agents headquarters in the messages.

Service unit: Main Intelligence. Date: 1984

Countries numbers of Stasi for the diplomatic missions and DDR

Signature: BStU , Stasi , HV A , no. 1126, pp. 27-28

The HV A was mainly responsible for foreign espionage, which they did partly through so-called residencies in diplomatic missions DDR contributed. The residencies were held in the files generally only under Tarnbezeichnungen.

The Main Intelligence ( HV A ) was part of the Stasi , mainly with foreign espionage employed. Part of this work steered the HV A , like other intelligence agencies also, through so-called residencies in the diplomatic missions of the GDR . This was to a group of employees of the HV A , going about under a legend officially innocuous message tasks, but unofficially acted as agent. The individual residencies were encrypted in the documentation by Tarnbezeichnungen, including Stasi were -Ländernummern for locations. This list includes most of the countries numbers used, again in alphabetical order by country, even numerically. Service unit: Main Intelligence Date: 1985

Pt2-Former East German Exposes Bernie Sanders

Posted by By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Democrats Reject Marxist Socialist Sanders

The source for these reports wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

Pt1-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Propaganda

Pt2-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society

Pt3-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Gender

Part Two – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society


“It’s been hard for me to watch the violence at rallies over the past few days. What we’re seeing is two aspects of socialist authoritarianism colliding. Both Trump and Sanders campaigns display different aspects of this. Trump makes his supporters feel like they’ve been robbed- that their birthright has been stolen and that America must isolate itself from corrupting foreign influences. This is reminiscent of the East Germans wanting to cut themselves off from the Western World until they achieved their new society.

Sanders runs a more traditional authoritarian socialist regime with his campaign- he has brainwashed his supporters into cult-like behavior. They parrot a rigid ideology and anyone who disagrees must be denounced, attacked and destroyed. Dissent is not tolerated in any form. That’s why Sanders has such a problem reaching out beyond a predominantly white base of supporters- because difference of any kind, once expressed, is treated as dissent and quashed. So far, it’s been mainly confined to online bullying and some shouting during the caucuses. But over the past few days, it’s moved into a new and more dangerous phase. The wars over space – attempts to take over Trump’s rally spaces- is a form of protest that deliberately shows a disrespect for private property, free speech and freedom of movement.

In the former East Germany, private property certainly existed, but always kept in short supply. Free speech and freedom of movement were even less available. Citizens could be denounced, jailed and disappeared for their speech. Friends and neighbors constantly spied on each other and reported speech. You couldn’t visit another city without special permission. The young man I met in 1987 proudly told me he was going to be visiting a nearby city the next week- clearly an incredibly rare event.

Recently we hear many Nazi references with regard to Trump. I never like these references, because Trump has not committed genocide against 6 million people and caused the deaths of millions more. But there is an element of what I will call authoritarian socialism, which we also observed in the GDR (German Democratic Republic, or former East Germany. The odd mix of Puritanism and Socialism at work was the result of layering Stalinism on top of a Nazi past that the East Germans criticized, but never truly left behind.

Both the Nazis and the Socialist East Germans utilized young people in a disturbing way. Initially they encouraged them to join the state run youth organizations, but that encouragement soon turned into force.

In the German Democratic Republic, the FDJ- Frei Deutsche Jugend or Free German Youth was its own political party. School children age 6-14 were put into a group called the Young Pioneers, and 14-25 year olds joined the Free German Youth.

When I visited the GDR, because my group was composed of college students we were under the jurisdiction of the FDJ. We stayed in hotels that had been built from the ground up by FDJ members. Every window on these buildings hung a blue banner representing the party. There was very little color in the GDR because no advertising was allowed, except for banners advertising their political parties- which were all actually just one party- the Socialist Unity Party. GDR officials told us that every socialist party in the world was actually part of the Socialist Unity Party, and that is the reason why they claimed Bernie Sanders as one of their own.

We had a meeting with FDJ members from a local technical school. They did not allow us to meet with university students, which would have been our counterparts, because the academics were not permitted to be corrupted by outside influence.

Everything in East Germany was spoken of in terms of corruption. They believed themselves to be corrupted by Naziism, and after the purifying implementation of socialism, eventually they would reach a new state and emerge as the New Society. Bernie Sanders frequently mentions this concept of a New Society, and what he (and they) means is a society of people who no longer have any wants. They subsist on necessities alone and have no envy or jealously or desire for anything other than what they receive.

Where they will get the necessities from is not entirely clear, because once perfect socialism is achieved, the state, which provides everything, is supposed to wither away, and communism will be achieved. So when Bernie Sanders talks about what socialism means to him, what you have to realize is he’s talking about a continuum that begins where he is and ends in communism. Like any cult leader, he won’t talk about the parts he thinks you don’t need to know about, and only says what he thinks you want to hear. Hence, his construct of Democratic Socialism.

At least the GDR apparatchiks (a socialist word for bureaucrats – essentially it means they are part of a machine) were honest and identified him as being a member of their Socialist Unity Party, along with Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega and many of Sanders’ other friends. The apparatchiks I spoke with also said they believed they would achieve perfect socialism in their lifetime, and spoke about it with religious fervor similar to the way people might describe the Rapture (the belief that certain people will be bodily lifted into Heaven).”


Pt3-Former East German Exposes Bernie Sanders

Posted by By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Democrats Reject Marxist Socialist Sanders

The source for these reports wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

Pt1-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Propaganda

Pt2-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society

Pt3-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders  – Gender

Part Three – Gender

“The problem with labeling everything and everyone in the world as corrupt except for the Leader – whether it’s the East German Dictator Erich Honecker, or Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, or Bernie Sanders- is that it dehumanizes everyone else, and the Leader’s supporters begin to believe that other people who aren’t in the cult don’t matter, don’t have feelings, and it’s okay to hurt them. We saw this early in the Sanders campaign, when everyone indicating Hillary support, especially women, were verbally assaulted. I and virtually every other woman supporting Hillary has been sexually harassed online and received gender-based attacks. For a long time I thought I was alone in this until the stories started surfacing. But I should have known better, because I have seen this before.

GDR propaganda claims that East Germany was a paradise for women. There was no gender discrimination, supposedly, they could hold any jobs, and they didn’t have to worry about taking care of kids because there was free day care available from birth. The reality was different. Women were forced into dangerous labor, exposed to toxic chemicals and were nowhere to be seen in high levels of authority, except Erich Honecker’s wife Margot, who had a horrific impact in East German schools. She forced 9th and 10th graders to take military training and punished dissent by removing dissenters’ children and forcibly adopting them into other families. Not one apparatchik that we met was a woman, and our guide explained to us how children in state run day cares were essentially used as hostages to keep East German women in their place.

Young East Berliners were exposed to Western tv because of their proximity to Western cable channels. In 1987 young East Germans were able to watch the show Dallas. To them, this was the epitome of Western corruption, and they believed Americans were all like the characters- particularly American women. We were all sex-starved and totally corrupt, in their view. The more educated East Germans knew quite a bit about America- some had even visited, and spoke eerily accent-less English (you don’t hear West Germans speaking English without an accent, generally speaking). But I met East Germans who had been taught very well to blend in.

One wonders what they were doing on their trips to America- I’m sure Bernie Sanders knows, since he hosted a large group of “social workers” and allowed them to gather all sorts of materials used in propaganda that I saw 2 years later. I didn’t encounter any of the less educated East German youth until the end of my trip, and then I understood exactly what it means to label your enemy as corrupt and brainwash young people with that concept.

On our trip out of the country, the East German apparatchiks insisted that we take a train from Dresden through Socialist Czechoslovakia to Austria. My professors were worried about such an extended trip through yet another Soviet-bloc country but the East Germans gave us no choice. Perhaps they were unhappy with our group, or perhaps they thought it would be amusing, but we were put on a train with a group of soccer players and their fans travelling to a match in Czechoslovakia. Soccer fans in Europe can be rough in general, but these particular FDJ members were awarded a rare privilege of travel and they were under the impression that my group, which included about 10 college women, was just another reward.

I was in a train car with 5 other women and we were suddenly bombarded by a group of about 30 raucus riled-up young men banging on the compartment door, trying to break in. They began to expose themselves to us. I was barely 18 and too young to realize how extremely dangerous the situation was. After the recent gang-rape in India on a bus which ended in a young woman’s death, I now have a better understanding. The other women in my traincar understood better than I did and were crying and screaming. The FDJ men thought this was funny. We called for the conductor (an East German official) and he was enjoying the entire situation. Finally, one of my professors, a native West German, was able to give these men, who were after all teenagers themselves, a very severe talking-to and shamed them into stopping. They had a long conversation with these hooligans and explained to us that the young men believed that American girls were corrupt, super-wealthy and sex-starved just like the characters on Dallas (think Real Housewives for those who don’t remember the show). Once they were shocked into having to think of us as real people, like their sisters or girlfriends, they calmed down and apologized for their behavior. The cultural ties between their families and my professor were strong enough to stop their violent behavior. But the underlying rape culture in socialist authoritarianism had been laid bare, and we were able to see how the East Germans controlled their population so completely.

What we see in the Sanders campaign is eerily similar. They steal data and fake endorsements because all the other candidates and organizations are corrupt and so it’s fine to rob them. They verbally attack Hillary supporters because Bernie tells them that Hillary is corrupt, and so, by extension, are we. They mob Trump’s rally space and try to take it over because Trump is corrupt and racist and so he isn’t entitled to space that he reserved and paid for. Trump’s supporters are fair game because he’s corrupt and so it’s fine to punch them in the face. If police try to stop them, well they are fair game too, because the police are all corrupt in their view. There is no one to use an adult voice and say stop. Even worse, the Leader isn’t saying stop. He is green-lighting the abuse of dissenters – particularly women- with his own brand of rape culture.

It’s not an accident that he wrote ugly essays about women in 1972- the birth of the modern women’s movement. It was backlash. It was a way to put us back in our place and establish his own dominance during a time when his girlfriend left him for non-support of his child. The essay that he wrote claiming women are responsible for our own subjugation because we all want to be raped by three men simultaneously is a true representation of his views and fits exactly with East German authoritarian rape culture that I personally experienced.

The idea that women are corrupt by nature, is what he wrote about, and it’s precisely how he describes Hillary. He uses the construct of “Wall Street” but what he’s saying is – this is a fallen woman – it’s ok to do anything you want to her because she is corrupt. His followers have taken such great delight in saying the most vile things to me and other women online, and now taking out their rage on Trump supporters with their fists. What comes next? I know what comes next. I have seen it before, and I worry about not being so lucky this time. Or about my daughter, or other young women who dissent from the Bernie party line.”

Pt1-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders

Posted by By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Democrats Reject Marxist Socialist Sanders

The source for these report wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

Pt1-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders –  Propaganda

Pt2-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society

Pt3-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Gender

Part One – Propaganda

“Listening to Bernie Sanders, I am reminded of the first time I ever heard of him. It was in 1987 and I was visiting the former East German (German Democratic Republic, as it was called) with my college German class. My professors were fluent in German so we had a very in depth tour and had the attention of high level Socialist Party members and government officials during our stay.

They showed us a list of locally elected US officials who they said were on “their” side. They were particularly proud of Bernie Sanders, then Mayor of Burlington VT, because he was actually a Socialist Party member- a member of their own Socialist Party according to them. At the time we didn’t really believe the claim that these Americans were on the side of East Germany at the height of the Cold War, but recently I discovered that Sanders had close dealings with the GDR government during this time and even hosted 10 “social workers” to work in Burlington, studying youth unemployment, in 1985, two years before my visit. (see the workcamp program copies at end)

We were also shown many pictures taken by East Germans in America (including some taken in Burlington by the group welcomed by Sanders) of the most extreme examples of poverty and homelessness in our country. These pictures were represented as examples of everyday life for ordinary Americans. The photographs were used in textbooks. The East German students that we spoke to felt sorry for us, living in such a poverty stricken country, compared to their Socialist paradise. Sadly their own country was no such thing.

Upon arriving in the German Democratic Republic, the first thing I saw at the border was a cartload of hay leaving the GDR. It resembled an Amish wagon, but was something ordinarily used on their farms. The border guards picked up pitchforks and viciously stabbed them into the hay over and over. If someone had been hiding in the hay, they would have been killed or seriously maimed. We learned later that someone had escaped that way, and the border guards were angry at being humiliated. I later spoke to a young man my own age (17) who was forced to work as a border guard. His parents were diplomats, required to travel, and so he was treated somewhat as a hostage in order to ensure their loyalty. He expressed to me privately his worry that he would be required to kill someone his own age who was trying to escape. Erich Honecker, the GDR leader, a virtual dictator, had imposed the shoot to kill order on escapees at that time.

We heard a lot about economics from our East German hosts. They were required to learn Socialist economic theory as young children. But it didn’t make any sense, it was just slogans. I was at the same time, studying economics and went on to major in it. I never thought I would hear East German economic sloganeering again after the Berlin Wall fell, but that’s what we’re hearing from Bernie Sanders at his rallies. His theories, based on a scheme of luxury taxes and making certain items free, do not work in real life.

Evidence of the failed economy was all around us. Shortages forced families to wait for everything- whether it was in a daily line for food or 5-10 years for a car or apartment. A black and white television set cost about a year’s salary. A manual typewriter, nearly as much. In West Germany, the East Mark currency was trading at 17:1- 17 East Marks for 1 West German Mark. But inside East Germany it was 1:1. We had to keep receipts for everything we bought and if caught engaging in illegal currency trading we could be jailed. At the time of our visit there were many Westerners imprisoned for this very thing. But because of the closed economic system, there were many goods that the East Germans simply had no access to, and other goods were manipulated.

The East German economy was in fact a huge fake. It relied entirely on a barter system on the international level. Guestworkers from Angola were paid in motorcycles because the East Mark was worthless outside the country. Giant hard currency stores catered to Westerners. We were encouraged by our hosts to shop there and spend our US dollars. We did, in fact, because that was the only place to buy palatable food. The GDR was so environmentally devastated in 1987, that the food system was beginning to resemble North Korea. There was no real food. It was a horrible situation crossing the border and going from the wonderful and plenteous cuisine of West Germany, to experiencing something out of a 70s sci fi novel (Soylent Green comes to mind). The food resembled crushed powerbars made into shapes resembling regular food. There were shops with beautifully decorated cakes on the main streets in East Berlin, but they were inedible. For breakfast there were the traditional blood sausages (also popular in West Germany) but they were essentially gelatin and food coloring. The main meat dish I had was in Dresden. It was a horse’s knuckle. There was a tiny sphere of meat surrounded by layers of fat. The Bulgarian tourists travelling with us enjoyed it very much. They looked like they ate worse than the East Germans. The children we saw in the streets were far too thin, and their faces pinched. We always hear from Europeans how obese Americans are, and perhaps we are, but even by Western European standards, these children seemed undernourished. There was no milk, only non-dairy creamer. Of course the coffee was chicory- the only obtainable coffee at the time would have come from Cuba and that was reserved for Russians or perhaps very high level aparatchiks (Socialist Party officials). Most meals were potato-based and that was heavily supplemented with some sort of vegetable starch. We saw very little fresh food of any kind, citrus (watered down and hard to identify) was in short supply. Heavily processed bread was available, and practically free, but the nutritional content was low.

We learned later that the reason for the lack of fresh food was soil exhaustion and poisoning. The terrible acid rain destroyed the production of the few crops that would grow. Acid rain in East Germany was caused by two main factors. One was the burning of brown coal- a very dirty peat. They couldn’t get better quality coal because of the lack of trade with non-Soviet bloc countries.

Another factor was the exhaust from poor quality cars. The famous GDR Trabanz, or Trabi was a small car resembling a Fiat. Sometimes it only had 3 wheels. But the engine was more like a lawnmower engine rather than a modern car engine. The body of the cars were made from Soviet wool waste and tree resin. There were nicer cars available, the Lada, but these seemed to be owned only by high level Socialist Party members.

The free college plan didn’t work very well in East Germany. Free also meant there were shortages, so only a small fraction of students were able to attend university. The competition was so fierce that kids were chosen by a battery of tests taken around age 11. If a child’s parents were college educated, the child would never be allowed to attend university- they would be required to be a farm worker, which was considered ideologically purifying. The state decided what the student would study. Our tour guide was forced to study languages (she actually wanted to study other subjects), particularly Portuguese, in order to bring the revolution to Angola. She had no desire to go to Angola. She was taught Portuguese by people who were forced to learn it in order to bring the Revolution to Brazil. None of these ventures succeeded and she was required to learn a third language, English. In the beginning, she pushed the government agenda, but eventually she began talking to my professors truthfully about her experience, and about what life was really like.”



Online source: Volunteers for Peace-Burlington

How Local Officials Siphon $…Bernie?

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Did Bernie Sanders and his cronies siphon money from publicly funded accounts? We’ll never know, but here’s one way it’s done…

 Years ago, I was a member of a citizens group of varying political persuasions with one goal, to find out why academic programs were being short-changed in a very large school district. We knew two things at the outset:

  • The school board and administration officials were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on travel to national conferences (entertainment and limos included) and training to install Outcome Based Education strategies in the school system.
  • The district was leaking millions of dollars in funding, that was simply “gone” without any explanation.

We demanded  copies of budgets and audits, any paperwork we could find, and when met with resistance, gathered supporters for school board meetings to pressure officials. It wasn’t easy to do. Sports parents are a rowdy lot, they fundraise with fervor and can pack a meeting on demand. Academic parents are quieter, less likely to raise a fuss or speak out.

After days of marathon sessions reading through three-inch think binders, school by school, we finally found a small department in a rural elementary school with a shocking $6.5 million dollars in its sports equipment department, tucked away in the back  of that tiny school’s budget.

We learned how budget strategies worked,  like their “average-to-actual” strategy  which allowed over-funding or under-funding any department in the school. This technique was used to get around time limits on funding schedules. Federal and state monies often rule that the money must be spent within a certain time-frame to receive new funds for the next year, and surpluses were not allowed. By setting higher than normal budgets (averages) the actuals would be met and and a surplus gained.

I can’t say this is the strategy used when Bernie Sanders and Jonathan Leopold “reformed” accounting procedures in Burlington City Hall and suddenly found extra money, but years later Leopold would find himself in deep financial trouble plus job loss for swapping columns, just as Jane Sanders would lose her job at Burlington College in a similar swapping scheme.

The danger is that it’s fraud when knowingly used to gain profits from public monies (proving intent is difficult) and secondly, since the leftovers don’t “exist”, any unscrupulous official or group can tap that account and siphon off what they want for personal gain or personal pet “public” projects that they fear would never meet voter approval. No one in the school system would ever report it if those funds went missing because the sky would fall on all of them, from the federal level, then state level, and finally local level, because what one board does impact’s decisions of another board or council who may have been deceived into doing things like raising property taxes to meet the other board’s yearly demands and voters would be very happy over such negligence and malfeasance and remove them from office. It’s even more complicated when one person holds as many board positions as possible outside of elected office without apparent conflict-of-interest scrutiny. It would take a strong outsider to challenge it in the political arena, one who would have to endure the abuse from those exposed and their cronies, who might be their neighbors.

We decided to get like minded people to run for school board, prevailing with two candidates  who pressured the financial architect slash superintendent into resigning. Did everything change? Not as much as we would have liked and many of us were harassed, our cars vandalized, fake police complaints lodged and so forth, but it only strengthened our resolve. The old guard still held a majority and there was the borough council to deal with as well.

From there we learned the secret of audits via the inner sanctum. The public is shown one version of an audit with all the checks and balances. The administration sees another copy revealing losses, accounting errors, and so on. The school board sees the true audit and it’s confidential. These result in executive sessions, meetings closed to the public, where they decide what’s best for the district, not the public or students. No action has to be taken, but it’s the legal venue for board discussions not allowed in other private conversations outside of board meetings. It is what it appears to be, a plotting session.

Unless an audit is approved to scan for criminal activity, which is almost impossible to get approved after district officials make sure the local paper’s headline blasts a six-figure cost to taxpayers, no criminal activity will be discovered because that is not the purpose or scope of a typical audit.  In reality, audits just make sure all the columns add up . Something like $6.5 million in a small, remote elementary school’s sports equipment department wouldn’t raise an eyebrow, not even slightly.

Insider Trading

Why is it so many public officials serving their community enjoy higher personal wealth growth than the average citizen when those board positions are often volunteer or compensated with small stipends? For one thing, they know when government or outside funding is in the works for Project X. They may have even created Project X (possibly seeded with those “average” funds) or been part of it, all for the “good”of the community. They know where it will happen (real estate), the support network needed (local businesses) and when. They also have name recognition as officials, helpful to their business concerns,  and party loyalty.

By knowing  the parameters and rules better than outsiders, they’re positioned to take advantage, if only to pass info to friends, family or political allies. They know what land to buy or sell. They can project financial rewards to come in several categories, similar to investing in the stock market.  Get the grant, get the government funding, make it happen, then sell the idea to the public to take it to the highest level (if we stop now look at all the money we lose). There are so many working parts to the machine that no watchdog group has a chance of tracking it all, especially since it’s exhausting, stressful and usually uncompensated volunteer work.

Lucky Joe, brother of Councilman Jack, just sold his worthless piece of property for a million bucks, imagine that! Wonder how he knew that new project was coming or why they chose that location? Is it okay the real estate broker was Councilman Jack’s wife? What if Project X ‘s CEO just happens to be the son of Councilman Jack?

All Jack has to do is disclose his conflict-of-interest and vote for his own interests, because it’s ‘public knowledge’, after all.

Don’t worry about that tax increase, it’s all for a better community.

Influence Peddling

That’s the easiest scam, especially for people enamored by power, even if it’s just small town power. Basically, it works off the quid pro quo system and favors can take years to pay back, but it’s like having a favor in the bank. Manipulations by the, “I’ll look into it” handshake crowd are common. If you’re not a “friendly”, expect to be pushed to the back of the line.

I have to laugh when Bernie Sanders blames all the nation’s woes on Wall St. and corporations. Small town power plays go on day in, day out in communities across America. Most of us know it or at least sense it, yet feel powerless to change it. The best place for a plunderer is a small town and you can bet the city councils, school boards, housing authority and every entity, no matter how large or small has a player “on board”.

I still maintain some hope in the system. Not everyone in politics is a scoundrel or crook, but the longer they’re in office, the harder it is to maintain autonomy, but it’s not impossible if they have strong character.

This is why voting in local and state elections matters so very much. Who we choose from councils to judges to prosecutors, mayors, governors, congress and senate makes the system as a whole succeed or fail. It isn’t as exciting as presidential elections nor does it carry the obvious weight, but it’s where everyday life is lived. Influence it, wherever you can.