Oli Oli Oxenfree! Jeanette Johnson-Jing

This isn’t about positively promoting your candidate or suppressing your freedom of speech. It’s about using a scorched earth technique of lies and deception to destroy an opponent and the American progressive democratic party at a very dangerous time in U.S. political history.

Welcome to the globetrotting world of the nouveau riche of designers, fashionistas, musicians, DJ’s and photographers from around the world who need free healthcare. Don’t dare call them immigrants, they won’t be around that long, but they want to tell Americans how to vote. They want to destroy Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party because Bernie is so cool and like, so is socialism, and anyway,  look at all the new followers and fans you can scoop up in that Bernie Bros market! Business is booming. Let’s all astroturf the hell out of this Bernie thing and promote our skills, services and products! Viva la revolution, don’t forget to post those pics… here we are part of the American revolution, sipping drinks in Singapore. Here we are eating exotic food far, far away from America. Here we are at a party, on a plane, in a club, just hanging on a beach, another beach, all the beaches of the world, Australia, Bali, Indonesia, London, Tasmania, Norway, Germany, Singapore, Canada, and more we forgot if not for the selfies. Would you just look at us! Sigh. Time to shuffle back to America and Bernie where we will convince you to hate everything the Clinton family represents and democrats in general, because the scrapbook will be fabulous and Bernie can’t succeed without us!

A talented group and professional photographer feeling the bern.
oli-bern mural
The Bernie mural tweet.

How shall we do it? Let’s channel them for fun…

First we’ll go here and get a nifty composite face, make her just a shade darker so we can tweet Black Lives Matter with authenticity, but not so dark as to offend our white friends. None of us are African American (only celeb AA’s allowed near our group to “inspire” us), so give her “white” features. They’ll never catch on.

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Next we need to make videos. We’re multimedia artists so let’s brand it “guerrilla video” for that cool marketing bounce we’ll be hoping for.

It won’t be hard, there are thousands of far right-wing hate videos on Hillary, Bill and Barack Obama. Let’s cobble those together with our really cool production software we use at work and call them “compilations” (screw that copyright, we’re rebels).  Oli can do the music, maybe even the videos, too. We’ll cross-market  everything! Monetize dozens of videos, then branch out and post to every social media site we can find. AdSense the f*ck out of it all.

We will astroturf until exhaustion (or boredom), take the money and jet off to an exotic locale, laughing at those idiot BernieBros left behind with those Yankees we told them to trash. Don’t call us hypocrites, we’re too cool for hypocrisy.

Karl Rove would experience nirvana viewing the @jeanettejing timeline and youtube accounts.

Come out, come out wherever you are Jeanette Johnson-Jing, fake persona that you are, purveyor of right-wing hate. Media would love to interview you, and you could use a little vetting since you’ve built yourself into a public figure and social media celeb. Surely, you have a fascinating background.  Think of the pop in revenue! Let’s expand on that vetting thing a little. Why hide?


As coincidences go, there’s quite a basketful with this one.

Twitter users @exposingjing   @alltehmonnies and must read The Story of How Bad Pupper, Esq.@alltehmonnies Exposed the Tomfoolery and Shenanigans of “Jeanette Jing” have already noticed a few things wrong with the Jing Scheme. I thought I’d follow up on their fine work and flesh this mannequin out, so to speak.

The post by Johnson-Jing that started the search was this January 24, 2014 post:JJ

Below: The guy on the right is Oli Chang, sibling to Ari and Adam.

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After this was brought into question, the @jeanettejing account quickly deleted the ari-Adam post. Why? Because it leads to an interesting Australian family, apparent Australian Green Party loyalists and pro-immigration activists. They seem to be nice enough people, educated and attractive.

The man presumed by others to be behind the account is Adam Claridge-Chang, a scientist who runs Claridge-Chang Lab in Singapore, @adamcchang, but it seems like Adam would be too occupied with his research. Also in Adam’s selfie is his sweet activist sister, Arianna Claridge-Chang, @ariannapila, her LinkedIn. Obviously, Jeanette Johnson-Jing is very close (insert sarcasm) to the Claridge, Claridge-Chang or Chang family.

The third sibling, not shown in the post, but documented via his facebook and twitter accounts as being personally involved with media production for the Jing account, is Oliver Claridge-Chang, or as he’s professionally known, Oli Chang, @olichang composer, musician, videographer and DJ, member of the band, High Highs (two albums) @HighHighs, working out of Brooklyn, NY and Australia, with global gigs. He was initially known for remixes and clever viral videos published across the web.

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After reviewing Oli’s twitter, instagram, facebook and the many trails across his business social media accounts too numerous to mention, there is one glaring omission in his vast collection of self and entourage pics; African Americans, and of course, the always invisible Jeanette Johnson-Jing. When he visits his brother in Singapore or his sister in Australia, or when they get together in one location on the planet, there’s a surplus of photogenic white friends (other than the Claridge-Changs who are Asian Caucasian) in pic after pic, but no cocoa skinned beauties like Jeanette Johnson-Jing (although she bears a resemblance to Arianna), so it’s very curious that a Claridge-Chang sibling selfie sent nowhere else traceable on the internet should be posted by none other than Jeanette Johnson-Jing aka Jeanette Sandernista aka @jeanettejing on January 24, 2014. Jing and Oli openly tweet each other, credit each other, why panic over such a simple picture?

The family favs or re-posts each other’s videos across their individual youtube accounts, including those of Jeanette Johnson-Jing. It’s nice to stay bonded.

The Claridge-Chang siblings divorced parents are Leonard Chang, who lives in Norway and mother, Fabia Claridge-Chang @fabiari remains an immigration, refugee activist in Australia where the kids were born. Fabia’s special interest is Nauru refugees, something both  Jeanette and Oli have tweeted about.

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After you check out Oli’s anti-Hillary twitter feed, if you want to reach out to Oli for info on his good friend, Jeanette, you can message him on twitter, facebook or instagram, or just catch him at a gig. Maybe he’ll invite you over to feel the bern:houseoli-housetwt

Since there was already an expose by Project Veritas on Australians from the Australian Labor Party paid to help the Bernie Sanders campaign, I’ll reluctantly (Project Veritas is a deeply conservative anti-democrat operation) link to it here: Australian Labor Party Assisting Democratic US Campaigns in Violation of Campaign Finance Laws 

Let’s explore what astroturfing is and the laws of Australia and America that frown on it. Wiki:  Astroturfing is the practice of masking the sponsors of a message or organization (e.g., political, advertising, religious or public relations) to make it appear as though it originates from and is supported by a grassroots participant(s). It is a practice intended to give the statements or organizations credibility by withholding information about the source’s financial connection. The term astroturfing is derived from AstroTurf, a brand of synthetic carpeting designed to resemble natural grass, as a play on the word “grassroots.” The implication behind the use of the term is that there are no “true” or “natural” grassroots, but rather “fake” or “artificial” support, although some astroturfing operatives defend the practice (see Justification below).”

Is it legal?

United States:

“Many countries have laws that prohibit more overt astroturfing practices.[7] In the United States the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) may send cease and desist orders or require a fine of $16,000 per day for those that violate its “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”[7][8] The FTC’s guides were updated in 2009 to address social media and word-of-mouth marketing.”


“In Australia astroturfing is regulated by Section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law, which broadly prohibits “misleading and deceptive conduct”. According to the Journal of Consumer Policy Australia’s laws, which were introduced in 1975, are more vague. In most cases, they are enforced through lawsuits from competitors, rather than the regulatory body, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.[7] There is also an International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN).[12]

There’s big money in politics and of course, both Johnson-Jing and Oli believe all Hillary supporters are paid, so here’s a word from both sides on that:

“Currently, Barrier Breakers 2016 distributes positive messages in support of Hillary Clinton for President, not anything else.” Correct the Record’s communications director Elizabeth Shappell. Project: $1M

Revolution messaging is credited with fundraising efforts.

A Sanders campaign official told The Daily Beast that the money paid ($16M+) to Revolution Messaging was spent on “online ads, email fundraising, web development, graphic design, photography and videography.”

(This doesn’t include millions to campaign strategist Tad Devine’s company for television ads.)

Politics is a profit venture, even in and under the grassroots.

So, an enterprising group (or even one person) hell-bent on taking down the Clintons jumps in the fray. What the Jeanette Johnson-Jing venture produces is a steady stream of Clinton attacks, some so vile and vicious the account was recently temporarily suspended for posting a vicious video depicting bombings, dead children combined with photos of Hillary meeting world leaders as the cause of all the death and destruction. I doubt singer Dionne Warwick would appreciate use of  her hit, “That’s What Friends Are For” as the soundtrack for this sick piece. She should be informed of this infringement. Johnson-Jing friend and @NYDailyNews Senior Justice Writer, Shaun King posted the video for Johnson-Jing while the account was briefly suspended. It’s a nasty piece of work, but then, most of the Jing posts are repulsive..shaunking1

 What is the problem with the Johnson-Jing Scheme? It uses the politics of destruction and obstruction, not progression.  It claims to be pro-liberal, yet it relies exclusively on extreme right-wing content posted and paid for by groups funded by the Koch Bros, Sheldon Adelson,

sheldon Karl Rove and the 30 year old attack machine that have relentlessly targeted the Clintons and every democrat in office or running for office. Even if the Jing-Scheme finds raw footage, it twists it into a right-winger’s wet dream of rabid anti-Clinton ecstacy. The GOP professional slander machine shapes the news, it crafts the message and in today’s world, that means countless blogs and social media accounts citing the same salacious information in a never-ending  revolution of vilification. It won’t hesitate to shout Benghazi!, or recycle the Clinton email scandal (that wasn’t a scandal), or accuse the Clinton’s of pedophilia, rape, murder and genocide.  It doesn’t spare President Obama either, and neither did Johnson-Jing early on…


The machinery brought us George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, it sold the Iraq War, it’s invested heavily in every media format with tendrils so well disguised they can appear as left-wing lifelines. Experienced democrats are painfully aware of this.

Bernie Sanders shouting Koch Bros! is meaningless unless you understand what Koch influence means and how it really works. When the Koch Bros offer up almost a billion dollars to stop progressives, it doesn’t mean they intend to play softball or plan to share how they’ll do it. Getting you to do their dirty work is a money saving option for them.

If you’re new to politics and enraptured by Bernie’s message, you probably use anti-Hillary topics without comprehending the content, context or its original source. It all appears to be breaking news never before seen. The same politics of destruction brought us the Tea Party, which then set its sights on fracturing the conservative party via extreme ideologies and religious fervor, not that conservatives were ever society’s helpers, but they weren’t this insane. It became the OWS of the right-wing, later boasting it co-opted many of that movement’s tactics. Today, it brings us Donald Trump and the politics of fear and hate. Newcomers to the political scene don’t realize how easy it is to become a useful  idiot,  regurgitating the politics of derision and division they claim to despise in the system. By forwarding right-wing conspiracies on Clinton, congratulations are in order…you are now an unpaid resource of the extreme right-wing.  If you don’t feel victimized, you should.

Bernie Sanders is not a democrat, nor was he ever a democrat. He compromised his independent principles to use the very influence, power and money of what he professes to hate. He has never liked the two-party system, but show me a country with a one-party system that is not oppressive.

Under Bernie’s leadership, his surrogates and followers have reveled in a hatred of democrats (only now after more than a year is Sanders under pressure to at least mention the GOP and Trump).

Will the Jing Scheme’s inner circle revert to its adoration of Snowden and Glenn Greenwald and allegations of American Imperialism or dive head first into the #NeverHillary campaign and come out showing their support for Trump, which is only thinly veiled at this point?

Only time will tell. Meanwhile, the fleecing continues…G’day mate!


By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube


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