Bernie the Peter Pan Man and Pinocchio

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube


Even though Bernie Sanders refuses to talk about his parents, he did say they fought a lot about money. “The lack of money caused stress in my family and fights between my mother and father. That is a reality I have never forgotten: today, there are many millions of families who are living under the circumstances that we lived under.” His homemaker mother died in her forties, a second heart surgery for a rheumatic heart was unsuccessful. She never got the home she wanted. His father was a paint salesman, employment  that only maintained a lower-middle-income status and small rent-controlled apartment. Bernie resented it all. Summers when he could go upstate to Boy Scout camp left him crying on the bus ride back to a place he hated, Brooklyn, and the angry household. His essays are full of Bernie angst and anger, snippets peeking between the doom and gloom from his childhood unhappiness into young adulthood.

Bernie Sanders always wanted fame and whether he admits it or not, wealth. He wanted to be a writer, but did poorly in English switching his college major to political science graduating with a BA in 1964 and grades he doesn’t want to publish. In his essays he’s the complainer, blaming the “bitch” teacher for the little boy’s unhappiness because he wanted to “be doing other things”, the young man who suffers physical damage and anguish because the college won’t let him have sex in dorm rooms. As a disciple of Wilhelm Reich, psychoanalyst and creator of the Orgone Accumulator, (also called the Orgone Box) which purportedly channeled sexual energy to cure cancer, death by cancer was inextricably linked to a lack of sex and orgasms in Bernie’s “scientific mind”, a belief he still has. (Reich died in prison, mentally incompetent, convinced the rich “Rockerfellows” had a conspiracy against him. He was put there by the FDA for selling fake cures for cancer). To Bernie, the college was clearly trying to kill young people or at minimum doom them to the possibility of cancer, which meant he needed to write much more on the subject of sexuality to educate the world about their deadly sexual inhibitions.

Sex and the Single Girl — Part Two — College Manifesto (2323 words) (sexual content)

The Revolution Is Life Versus Death (sexual content)

Man and Woman (sexual content)

Cancer, Disease and Society (sexual content)

Reflections on a Dying Society

Admittedly a poor student with a troubled history in school from elementary to college, he never valued education. It was something to get through to become an adult complainer and by then, 9-5 jobs oppressed and depressed him and threatened the sanity of us all, in his opinion. In college, his accent was said to be so strong it was difficult to understand him, “his accent now is 2% of what it was then,” It has become an asset and trademark of his famed shouting speeches.  Rules were bad, bad, bad. Sure they had some value, he noted, but not enough to endure them, and compulsory education was another evil, meant to socially control and inhibit both children and parents.

In congress he does what he has to do, enjoying the prestige of committee assignments handed him in a deal with Democrats (although wife Jane takes credit for writing his legislation) but any chance to complain on-camera is his real reason to get up every morning. He even published his “filibuster” that wasn’t an actual filibuster (symbolic since the deal was done) as a book, “The Speech”. His colleagues say he is loud, holier-than-thou and believes he’s the smartest man in the room with a penchant for alienating his natural allies. He has very few friends in the halls of congress, it must sometimes seem as if he’s back in the stacks in the college basement.

As mayor he would call press conferences (all filmed) to complain about the latest New York Times article, or preach incessantly about heroic dictators like Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, Fidel Castro in Cuba and the success of breadlines and free housing he admired around the world. Everyplace on the planet was better than America, mainly because America made the world so horribly miserable with its imperialism. But in Socialist Burlington, the only place in America where people knew how to really live and who to blame, Bernie was the “foreign minister of Burlington”, the “red mayor of Green Mountain”. Political life has allowed him to travel, TV appearances, speeches at whatever cause will have him, even if it’s foreign travel to promote socialism in socialist countries, again preaching to the choir. He traveled to Cuba, Nicaragua, USSR making sure media was there to greet him on his return, then used his position as mayor to call even more meetings to publicize his travels.

He tried to launch a couple of TV shows, so he could “educate” people on what he saw as the purity of his worldview. He appeared in a low-budget film acting out a rabbi parody that mirrored his brother Larry’s conversion to socialism (because the Dodgers team was sold and the wealthy owners caused so much unhappiness) sounding very much as crazy as he does now, with his billionaire rants. He tried documentary film making, choosing socialist activist Eugene Debs, another hero sent to prison. When it wasn’t a roaring success, he began blaming media as corrupt, demanding the government fund shows like his. This led to blaming evil corporations holding him down. Of course, they were owned by evil millionaires, all part of the stream of consciousness that is Bernie Sanders, presidential candidate. Whatever your problem is in the world, there are American billionaires at fault, according to Bernie. Even though he is rated as having the second highest media coverage (Trump is first) during the 2016 campaign, it is not enough and he complains media is out to get him, despite his favorable coverage. There’s always a conspiracy. When he loses a primary, it’s not the will of the voters, it’s a conspiracy.

How did Bernie Sanders ever get elected? Simple. Bernie was part of a herd of 35,000 big-city hippies, radicals, political idealists and leftists descending on Vermont during the 60’s-70’s in a back to nature migration (Vermont’s governor at the time even announced he did not invite them) when he moved to Vermont in 1967. They blended with rural Vermonters and Bernie found his niche. There he could preach to the choir without resistance, eventually building small Burlington into what he called “uniquely different”, since it was “America’s first and only socialist city”.

He had his inflated University of Chicago civil rights background and 1969 essays to prove his loyalty to a very long list of causes and complaints, and the Vermont Freeman alternative news soon became his mouthpiece. He was proselytizing to people who had fled the social upheaval across college campuses and the streets of America, keeping them in the loop, making them feel as if they were still part of the revolution from the enclave, although they were in reality society’s dropouts, like Bernie.

Once he realized he could get attention  blaming millionaires for all the world’s suffering and his personal failings (later upgraded to billionaires) he never stopped. His 60’s travel adventures to Israel, had him volunteering for Labor Zionists at an Stalinist kibbutz, “oldest kibbutzim.”  with an oppressive Socialist-Zionist history toward Palestinians and enjoying, not the field labor of growing vegetables, but the oversight and “planning”. This controversial location was kept secret by a rabbi friend in Vermont and Bernie (they just couldn’t remember), until Israeli journalists tracked it down. Brother Larry said he introduced Bernie to socialism early and the kibbutz showed him “you didn’t need big bosses, you didn’t need massive wealth” to live a decent life. Socialism was something “that could work.” He was also impressed that it required almost no skill, money or education.

Loving the sound of his own voice would later get him kicked out of a Vermont commune for all talk, no action. His future constituency  was all about communes, co-ops, counterculture, anti-Imperialist  America, welfare, food stamps, unemployment and dropping out. Soon Bernie’s fortuitous hook-up with the Liberty Union Party would launch his real political climb. There would be many failures, but eventually, by name recognition and constant self-promotion, he got there.

Bernie always wanted to be the leader, although now he claims he “isn’t into being a leader” as he runs for president.  No, Bernie is the bully claiming to be the victim, reinforcing victimhood among his followers, standing as their king of bluster, pointing the finger to damn everyone else. Meanwhile, he has become a millionaire himself with multiple homes paid for, but that was not his fault, either. His wife handles the finances and taxes (excuse after excuse  for not releasing them to the public), his campaign manager makes decisions and mishandles the 639 FEC violations, someone else handles his Senate Financial Disclosures, which may or may not match the income taxes, and his favorite slithery quotes, “You never heard me say that”, or after years of boosting Nicaragua, Cuba, USSR, he’ll say, “I’m not an expert on ______ (insert country here)”. Statements made during the campaign by Bernie and his handlers have earned a disrespectable stack of “Pinocchios” by media and dozens of blogs, but it’s Bernie’s “integrity” we should admire.

Along the way he became the establishment politician, latching onto Liberty Union, Rainbow Coalition, Democratic Socialists of America and Democrats, because the latter had the real money to back him. He has crushed them under his loafers since, discarding all of them except to mention his past association when it benefits his stance on something. He shakes hands with Jesse Jackson in a photo-op, therefore he supports civil rights. “I took a bus to DC” and his followers assume he was with Martin Luther King, Jr. . The only evidence of a bus trip to DC was to attend a nuclear proliferation protest.

Half-Assed Extremist

In many ways Bernie Sanders seemed to be sleep walking through the sixties and seventies, self involved, wanting to lead, never follow, but unwilling to put in the time or effort for real social change. It only took a very brief arrest and a $25 fine to end protesting for him, until now with photo-ops and assurances of no arrests. He doesn’t treat protesters kindly when it goes against his policies or plans, either.

Bernie wanted to be published, his voice heard above all others, proclaiming himself the smartest guy in the room. He was a dabbler in counterculture and social change, preferring his own company, alone in the university basement he describes as, “in the stacks”, reading Marx, Trotsky, Freud and his sexuality and anti-cancer hero, Wilhelm Reich.  He said he read everything except his course work resulting in his status as a “poor student”. Just a list of newsworthy social events, causes and shifts, riots, upheaval, deaths and protests of the 60’s would take several pages, but not even the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, would warrant Bernie’s interest.

He is a lifelong angry, faux-radical in search of a cause that wasn’t “owned” by other groups, politicians or authors. Never a Democrat, he dances in and out of the party using its resources and establishment power to propel his own career and wealth building…yes, wealth building. The man’s net worth in the U.S. top 3.5 % income bracket is not a slow climb compared to the low-income and middle-class people he claims to advocate for, including owning multiple real estate “rentals” rented at market prices, not to benefit those low-income voters he courts. He never mentions he’s still paid by taxpayers for nearly two-years of non-work, and when Bernie shows up to vote, it’s usually some bizarre purity effort that requires him to vote against the good of the people.

Bernie Sanders is a megalomaniac, hawking fake social cures and revolutions to honor himself, to secure his place in history. The ultimate coup would be turning America into a communist nation with a socialist economy, otherwise he remains a footnote in history as an establishment politician that lost another election with an unremarkable house and senate history.  As the campaign wanes, his rage is growing.

His silence and smirking approval as his followers become more desperate and violent, throwing chairs, screaming threats  at the Nevada Convention, bullying Hillary supporters entering events, disrupting a Trump rally and now threatening violence at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia is Bernie’s style. Later he will say it wasn’t his fault. He’ll blame the anger of the people he has incited for over a year, but it won’t be Bernie’s fault. Nothing is ever, ever Bernie’s fault.


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