Pt3-Former East German Exposes Bernie Sanders

Posted by By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Democrats Reject Marxist Socialist Sanders

The source for these reports wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

Pt1-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Propaganda

Pt2-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society

Pt3-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders  – Gender

Part Three – Gender

“The problem with labeling everything and everyone in the world as corrupt except for the Leader – whether it’s the East German Dictator Erich Honecker, or Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, or Bernie Sanders- is that it dehumanizes everyone else, and the Leader’s supporters begin to believe that other people who aren’t in the cult don’t matter, don’t have feelings, and it’s okay to hurt them. We saw this early in the Sanders campaign, when everyone indicating Hillary support, especially women, were verbally assaulted. I and virtually every other woman supporting Hillary has been sexually harassed online and received gender-based attacks. For a long time I thought I was alone in this until the stories started surfacing. But I should have known better, because I have seen this before.

GDR propaganda claims that East Germany was a paradise for women. There was no gender discrimination, supposedly, they could hold any jobs, and they didn’t have to worry about taking care of kids because there was free day care available from birth. The reality was different. Women were forced into dangerous labor, exposed to toxic chemicals and were nowhere to be seen in high levels of authority, except Erich Honecker’s wife Margot, who had a horrific impact in East German schools. She forced 9th and 10th graders to take military training and punished dissent by removing dissenters’ children and forcibly adopting them into other families. Not one apparatchik that we met was a woman, and our guide explained to us how children in state run day cares were essentially used as hostages to keep East German women in their place.

Young East Berliners were exposed to Western tv because of their proximity to Western cable channels. In 1987 young East Germans were able to watch the show Dallas. To them, this was the epitome of Western corruption, and they believed Americans were all like the characters- particularly American women. We were all sex-starved and totally corrupt, in their view. The more educated East Germans knew quite a bit about America- some had even visited, and spoke eerily accent-less English (you don’t hear West Germans speaking English without an accent, generally speaking). But I met East Germans who had been taught very well to blend in.

One wonders what they were doing on their trips to America- I’m sure Bernie Sanders knows, since he hosted a large group of “social workers” and allowed them to gather all sorts of materials used in propaganda that I saw 2 years later. I didn’t encounter any of the less educated East German youth until the end of my trip, and then I understood exactly what it means to label your enemy as corrupt and brainwash young people with that concept.

On our trip out of the country, the East German apparatchiks insisted that we take a train from Dresden through Socialist Czechoslovakia to Austria. My professors were worried about such an extended trip through yet another Soviet-bloc country but the East Germans gave us no choice. Perhaps they were unhappy with our group, or perhaps they thought it would be amusing, but we were put on a train with a group of soccer players and their fans travelling to a match in Czechoslovakia. Soccer fans in Europe can be rough in general, but these particular FDJ members were awarded a rare privilege of travel and they were under the impression that my group, which included about 10 college women, was just another reward.

I was in a train car with 5 other women and we were suddenly bombarded by a group of about 30 raucus riled-up young men banging on the compartment door, trying to break in. They began to expose themselves to us. I was barely 18 and too young to realize how extremely dangerous the situation was. After the recent gang-rape in India on a bus which ended in a young woman’s death, I now have a better understanding. The other women in my traincar understood better than I did and were crying and screaming. The FDJ men thought this was funny. We called for the conductor (an East German official) and he was enjoying the entire situation. Finally, one of my professors, a native West German, was able to give these men, who were after all teenagers themselves, a very severe talking-to and shamed them into stopping. They had a long conversation with these hooligans and explained to us that the young men believed that American girls were corrupt, super-wealthy and sex-starved just like the characters on Dallas (think Real Housewives for those who don’t remember the show). Once they were shocked into having to think of us as real people, like their sisters or girlfriends, they calmed down and apologized for their behavior. The cultural ties between their families and my professor were strong enough to stop their violent behavior. But the underlying rape culture in socialist authoritarianism had been laid bare, and we were able to see how the East Germans controlled their population so completely.

What we see in the Sanders campaign is eerily similar. They steal data and fake endorsements because all the other candidates and organizations are corrupt and so it’s fine to rob them. They verbally attack Hillary supporters because Bernie tells them that Hillary is corrupt, and so, by extension, are we. They mob Trump’s rally space and try to take it over because Trump is corrupt and racist and so he isn’t entitled to space that he reserved and paid for. Trump’s supporters are fair game because he’s corrupt and so it’s fine to punch them in the face. If police try to stop them, well they are fair game too, because the police are all corrupt in their view. There is no one to use an adult voice and say stop. Even worse, the Leader isn’t saying stop. He is green-lighting the abuse of dissenters – particularly women- with his own brand of rape culture.

It’s not an accident that he wrote ugly essays about women in 1972- the birth of the modern women’s movement. It was backlash. It was a way to put us back in our place and establish his own dominance during a time when his girlfriend left him for non-support of his child. The essay that he wrote claiming women are responsible for our own subjugation because we all want to be raped by three men simultaneously is a true representation of his views and fits exactly with East German authoritarian rape culture that I personally experienced.

The idea that women are corrupt by nature, is what he wrote about, and it’s precisely how he describes Hillary. He uses the construct of “Wall Street” but what he’s saying is – this is a fallen woman – it’s ok to do anything you want to her because she is corrupt. His followers have taken such great delight in saying the most vile things to me and other women online, and now taking out their rage on Trump supporters with their fists. What comes next? I know what comes next. I have seen it before, and I worry about not being so lucky this time. Or about my daughter, or other young women who dissent from the Bernie party line.”


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