Pt2-Former East German Exposes Bernie Sanders

Posted by By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

Democrats Reject Marxist Socialist Sanders

The source for these reports wishes to remain anonymous at this time.

Pt1-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Propaganda

Pt2-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society

Pt3-Former East German Exposes Socialist Bernie Sanders – Gender

Part Two – Authoritarian Socialism and The New Society


“It’s been hard for me to watch the violence at rallies over the past few days. What we’re seeing is two aspects of socialist authoritarianism colliding. Both Trump and Sanders campaigns display different aspects of this. Trump makes his supporters feel like they’ve been robbed- that their birthright has been stolen and that America must isolate itself from corrupting foreign influences. This is reminiscent of the East Germans wanting to cut themselves off from the Western World until they achieved their new society.

Sanders runs a more traditional authoritarian socialist regime with his campaign- he has brainwashed his supporters into cult-like behavior. They parrot a rigid ideology and anyone who disagrees must be denounced, attacked and destroyed. Dissent is not tolerated in any form. That’s why Sanders has such a problem reaching out beyond a predominantly white base of supporters- because difference of any kind, once expressed, is treated as dissent and quashed. So far, it’s been mainly confined to online bullying and some shouting during the caucuses. But over the past few days, it’s moved into a new and more dangerous phase. The wars over space – attempts to take over Trump’s rally spaces- is a form of protest that deliberately shows a disrespect for private property, free speech and freedom of movement.

In the former East Germany, private property certainly existed, but always kept in short supply. Free speech and freedom of movement were even less available. Citizens could be denounced, jailed and disappeared for their speech. Friends and neighbors constantly spied on each other and reported speech. You couldn’t visit another city without special permission. The young man I met in 1987 proudly told me he was going to be visiting a nearby city the next week- clearly an incredibly rare event.

Recently we hear many Nazi references with regard to Trump. I never like these references, because Trump has not committed genocide against 6 million people and caused the deaths of millions more. But there is an element of what I will call authoritarian socialism, which we also observed in the GDR (German Democratic Republic, or former East Germany. The odd mix of Puritanism and Socialism at work was the result of layering Stalinism on top of a Nazi past that the East Germans criticized, but never truly left behind.

Both the Nazis and the Socialist East Germans utilized young people in a disturbing way. Initially they encouraged them to join the state run youth organizations, but that encouragement soon turned into force.

In the German Democratic Republic, the FDJ- Frei Deutsche Jugend or Free German Youth was its own political party. School children age 6-14 were put into a group called the Young Pioneers, and 14-25 year olds joined the Free German Youth.

When I visited the GDR, because my group was composed of college students we were under the jurisdiction of the FDJ. We stayed in hotels that had been built from the ground up by FDJ members. Every window on these buildings hung a blue banner representing the party. There was very little color in the GDR because no advertising was allowed, except for banners advertising their political parties- which were all actually just one party- the Socialist Unity Party. GDR officials told us that every socialist party in the world was actually part of the Socialist Unity Party, and that is the reason why they claimed Bernie Sanders as one of their own.

We had a meeting with FDJ members from a local technical school. They did not allow us to meet with university students, which would have been our counterparts, because the academics were not permitted to be corrupted by outside influence.

Everything in East Germany was spoken of in terms of corruption. They believed themselves to be corrupted by Naziism, and after the purifying implementation of socialism, eventually they would reach a new state and emerge as the New Society. Bernie Sanders frequently mentions this concept of a New Society, and what he (and they) means is a society of people who no longer have any wants. They subsist on necessities alone and have no envy or jealously or desire for anything other than what they receive.

Where they will get the necessities from is not entirely clear, because once perfect socialism is achieved, the state, which provides everything, is supposed to wither away, and communism will be achieved. So when Bernie Sanders talks about what socialism means to him, what you have to realize is he’s talking about a continuum that begins where he is and ends in communism. Like any cult leader, he won’t talk about the parts he thinks you don’t need to know about, and only says what he thinks you want to hear. Hence, his construct of Democratic Socialism.

At least the GDR apparatchiks (a socialist word for bureaucrats – essentially it means they are part of a machine) were honest and identified him as being a member of their Socialist Unity Party, along with Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega and many of Sanders’ other friends. The apparatchiks I spoke with also said they believed they would achieve perfect socialism in their lifetime, and spoke about it with religious fervor similar to the way people might describe the Rapture (the belief that certain people will be bodily lifted into Heaven).”



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