Bernie’s Sweet Tooth and Simmons

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube


  • Sanders received SuperPAC funding from American Crystal Sugar in 2012 in two $5000 donations.
  • Sanders went so far supporting sugar subsidies he tabled a vote on legislation to repeal sugar subsidies, preventing its’ passage.
  • To further his support, he voted against allowing EPA to conduct surveillance flights over Big Ag sites to more efficiently detect potential water contamination of nearby waterways.
  • After shutting down EPA surveillance, he wrote a letter to EPA demanding better air quality measures, which he uses as evidence to prove his environmental activism.

Canada has no sugar subsidies and is still successful. Sugar subsidies caused negotiating problems with TPP because it’s considered protectionism.

In 1997, President Bill Clinton used his line-item veto on Harold Simmons. He was the first American president to do this : Simmons has been an adversary of the Clintons since Bill Clinton’s second term as president. In 1997, Clinton became the first president in history to issue a line-item veto in a federal budget bill, removing a provision that would have granted Simmons a $104 million tax break on the sale of his sugar plant, the Amalgamated Sugar Company, to beet farmers in Oregon.
Anti-Obama Backer Simmon


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