Bernie Sanders – Trader of “The People”

By J. Eller @SDzzz  SandersGuide 2016 YouTube

The Bernie Sanders world is a constant this-for-that transaction. Hiding behind a red herring of ‘nothing moral has money attached to it’, his concept of quid pro quo blame applies only to others. Winning elections on trade-offs and legislative favors like the establishment politicians he derides, while describing himself as an “outsider” has become the standard Sanders meme. Being weighed on the Sanders Scale can be catastrophic for those not politically heavy:

  • Poor Texas Latinos have less value than White Vermonters.
  • Black Lives Matter is less than All Lives Matter.
  • War protesters have less right to assemble than union strikers.
  • Tax payers have jobs and jobs are more important than immigrants.
  • A woman is less than an “important issue”.
  • Rural gun owners have more rights than urban gun owners.

In a February 05, 2016 opinion piece for the Boston Globe, When Bernie Sanders ran Against me in Vermont – Madeleine Kunin, first female governor of Vermont, we see his offhanded treatment of gender bias and women’s issues as a “distraction”: “When Sanders was my opponent he focused like a laser beam on “class analysis,” in which “women’s issues” were essentially a distraction from more important issues. He urged voters not to vote for me just because I was a woman. That would be a “sexist position,” he declared.”

His obsession with attacking wealth and power as the source of all evil has blinded him to his own actions. It isn’t the wealthy shutting down dissent, it’s Bernie.
“The problem with Washington, and politics in the US, is NOT that ordinary people have too much power and influence. It’s not that the needs of the rich and large corporations are ignored. The problem is that groups representing the wealthiest people in this country are able to decisively influence the legislative process so that public policy reflects the interests of the privileged few and not the needs of the general population.” Source: Outsider in the House, by Bernie Sanders, p. 75-6 , Jun 17, 1997

Speaking of the Wealthiest People…
This is exactly what Bernie Sanders has done to the people of Sierra Blanca, represented the wealthiest people and voted for a bill that reflects the public policy and interests of a privileged few; the white people of Vermont and a Texas tycoon, but wait, it gets worse with time. The Texas Tycoon dies and is replaced by someone from Bernie’s most reviled company…a former star of Goldman Sachs, WCS’ new owner. And yes, they own frac sand and drilling companies, among two dozen other energy related companies. Meanwhile, he opines another hypocritical issue, that of “fracking”, which Sanders dumps on his political opponent, Hillary Clinton, while maintaining that holier-than-thou attitude he has honed to a fine edge.

The New Owners of WCS

Starting in 1983 and prior to founding ECP, Senior Partner Douglas W. Kimmelman was instrumental in developing the Constellation Power Source concept as the initial entry point for Goldman Sachs as a principal into electricity markets and spent 22 years with Goldman Sachs in the firm’s Pipeline and Utilities Dept within the Investment Banking Division.
Who is Energy Capital Partners? Layers and layers of holding companies and private equity companies on the fast track to becoming the “too big to fail” of energy acquisition firms. From their website:
Energy Capital Partners is a private equity firm with over $13 billion in capital investments. The firm focuses on investing in the power generation, midstream oil and gas, electric transmission, environmental infrastructure and energy services sectors of North America’s energy infrastructure. EnergyCapital Partners
Energy Capital Partners is a private equity firm specializing in investing in buyouts, loan, infrastructure and mezzanine investments formed in 2005. Equity Funds Energy Capital Partners’ flagship private equity funds invest predominantly in control opportunities in North American energy infrastructure. We intend to opportunistically pursue both the purchase of existing assets, contracts and businesses and the development and construction of new ones. We seek to add value to these assets and businesses in several ways… Members of the senior management team have worked with one another over the past 16 years and have played leading roles as principals in nearly $20 billion in energy asset purchases across more than 150 separate assets. The team has extensive energy industry experience and expertise spanning multiple energy-related disciplines, including deal origination, commodity risk management, transaction structuring, asset valuation, project and structured financing, operational oversight and regulatory knowledge. EnergyCapital Partners Team

No doubt there will be more news on the many holdings of Energy Capital Partners to come. Too big to fail? Frac sand and pipelines, anyone?

Playing Dumb

Unintended consequences for Bernie Sanders or does Mother Nature have a superb sense of humor? He doesn’t hesitate to score political points with innuendos about Hillary Clinton’s paid speeches to Goldman Sachs, yet his wife is a Vermont commissioner who oversees deals with WCS and millions of dollars from Vermont’s taxpayers to get rid of their nuclear waste problem. A few suggestions:

  • Vermont could pull out of the compact like Maine and take the high road to another company.
  • Jane Sanders could resign her nuclear waste commission post, easily citing ethics and conscience.
  • Any linkage to Goldman Sachs as Bernie has told us, no matter how small, past or present, is insidious.
  • Bernie Sanders should walk the talk, but then he should have from the beginning.

Keeping Your Enemies Closer...

Two Sanders campaign aides have prior experience using Sierra Blanca as a political weapon. Blue Nation Review reports in Sanders NV State Director Who Unexpectedly Quit Assailed Bernie’s Sierra Blanca Bill as ‘Blatant Environmental Injustice’:

In May of 2003, Democratic strategist Jim Farrell wrote a Nation article in which he assailed Dean’s support for the Sierra Blanca bill pushed by Bernie Sanders:

Dean advocated sending nuclear waste from his state to the poor, mostly Hispanic town of Sierra Blanca, Texas. Wellstone called the proposal “blatant environmental injustice” and fought to delay the measure in the Senate. It ultimately passed but was later determined unsafe.

Another Sanders aide, Tad Devine, was also involved in using Sierra Blanca against then Governor Howard Dean, blaming him for “environmental racism”. When Devine was asked in a recent television interview about Sierra Blanca, he laughed nervously, crudely joking about the Sierra Blanca issue as a political “oppo-dump” on the Sanders campaign.

While Sierra Blanca residents still fend off companies soliciting them with nuclear waste offers (new laws now permit high-level radioactive waste in Texas), the Andrews County WCS location is facing opposition because of it’s close perimeter to the Ogallala aquifer. Seems some Texans are willing to trade the slowing oil business for nuclear waste. Jobs. Any job will do.


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